5 Types of Solitaire You Can Learn in 5 Minutes

The game Solitaire is not one game of cards, but there are several types of Solitaire games. It is called Patience and Klondike Solitaire.

This is a source of relaxation and also a way to spend a good time while playing it. You can play it in a virtual world or physically as well. It is also available for desktop and mobile versions.

Because of different changes, depending on the area you will find this game with different names. All have the same rules, there is no variation in it.

Types of Solitaire Game:

Following are the types of free Solitaire games which clarify you about this game:

1- Pyramid Solitaire:

Pyramid is a favorite type of free solitaire. To play it you should have a deck of 52 playing cards, in which 28 are face up to develop the Pyramid.

The pyramid has 7 rows of cards, with the first row having a single card and the seventh row having seven cards.

 The motive of the game is to remove the cards as many as possible from the pyramid by comparing them with another card.

Cards in the pyramid compare with each other or with a card that is in the pile.

Even with its simple theme and conditions, it gives the lowest chances of winning. In this game, the winning possibilities depend on the strategic approach taken by the player.

2- Bowling Solitaire:

It is similar to regular bowling. In this free solitaire game, you can use a deck of cards rather than a bowling ball and pins.

First, we can set the pins in which the first 4 rows are a pyramid of cards, and flip them over each other. The 4th row should have 4 cards and so on.

Then arrange the bowling balls which include 3 piles of cards. The first pile has 5 cards, the second has 3 cards, the third pile has 2 cards.

 The top card can flip when the bowling ball piles.

3- Yukon:

This free Solitaire game come into being due to the Klondike.

Its rules and method of playing are a bit different to make it an independent game. This new game has a higher difficulty level. 

The achievement in the free Solitaire is also to make four starting points by action. It starts with the ace and ends with the king.

But the regulations to move the cards around the picture are a little challenging. A 52 card deck is set which divide into 7 piles. 

All cards reveal, except for the bottom ones. It makes sequence in descending order and different colors as same as in Klondike free Solitaire.

The cards should be only the top free cards, there is no need to keep them in sequence or free to move anywhere.

The achievement is to move the cards and reveal the ones to generate ascending sequences on the bottom.

4- Tens:

When organizing a game of Tens, the player sits around a static area for playing and stagger the deck.

The player then makes the pageant by trading 13 cards in two rows of 5 and one row of 3.

The game of Tens also has a 52 deck of cards. To play this free solitaire, you should have destroyed pairs of cards that make ten.

You will win the game if you will able to remove the whole deck of cards. The cards that remove, should restore with cards present in the wares.

5- Tripeaks:

This free solitaire game gets a name due to the three pyramid tops made by the cards. It is also called Three Peaks, Triple Tower, and Triple Tops

This game has a 52-card deck. The cards place in a position of three 4-rows pyramids.

The boundary of every pyramid has 4 forward-facing cards, While the face of the others is towards down. The remaining cards are put in Stock.

The achievement that should make in a game is to remove all the cards from the tableau. For instance, a 4 can build a sequence with a 3 or a 5, and so on. 

The cards that remove from the pyramid are sent into a discard pile. The top card of this pile is the base for the next sequence.

 When there are all moves finished, you can use the Stockpile and deliver a different card to the removed heap to use based on the sequence.


There are several classic solitaire games played around the world. The free solitaire game is easy as well as difficult depends on the type you are playing. 

In classic solitaire, there is only a need of exchanging playing cards. Before starting the game, you should have to sit in a peaceful place.

Once your cards are shuffled, begin building a solitaire layout. There are many versions of solitaire in which some require more skills than others.

Klondike solitaire is a standard form of the free solitaire game. People think that this game is a game of luck that require to win.

But this depends on the type of game that you play. There are some tips and some tricks that help you to improve your playing power.

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