Best Mobile Games to Improve Memory

This is perhaps an understatement, but mobile gaming applications have gone a long way in the previous few years. People are actively opting to pay for and play high-quality mobile games thanks to the advent of Apple Arcade.

For those who have yet to join in, we believe it’s time to do so.

1. Peak:

The user interface in Peak is simple and intuitive. This site’s nearly 40 distinct games are not only extraordinarily well developed, but also a lot of fun to play. Developed by a team of neuroscientists and game developers, Peak’s brain training games are designed to effortlessly integrate gaming with brain training. 

Whether you’re looking for a way to boost your attention or sharpen your memory, you’ll discover a wide variety of games here. 

2. Good Sudoku:

Good Sudoku may not be a brain game or a concentration game, but it does involve a lot of mental effort. In addition, Sudoku is a renowned puzzle game. It’s a great method to keep your mind sharp all day. 

Good Sudoku is a love letter to the puzzle game genre, created by Zach Gage, a well-known game developer. It covers both the fundamentals and more complex aspects of the sudoku game. 

3. Blackbox:

Look no farther if you’re on the hunt for a visually stunning brain-training game. Blackbox is the best option for you. With its innovative gameplay and simple design, this puzzle app won an Apple Design Award. 

4. Vocabulary Builder:

If you’re looking for a grain-focused game, this could be it. Vocabulary Builder is an easy-to-use program that aims to increase your vocabulary. It’s a simple program, but it does its job well enough. 

In addition, it’s useful in helping you learn new words and discover synonyms for ones you’ve previously studied. Is this going to be a finalist for any prestigious app design awards? No, I doubt it. 

It’s like a gamified version of a flash card app. However, there are instances when you desire just that. Students preparing for specialized examinations like the GRE, SAT, and others may find it useful. 

However, if you are looking for a game to pass your time, freecell is the one.

5. Elevate:

This is one of our top picks because of its personalized training and daily game routines. Track your progress with Elevate’s simple training schedule and precise performance tracking/tracking. 

Aside from that, you’ll discover over 30 brain teasers and distractions that you may play during your lunch break or while you wait for the train, but that are still relevant enough to help you keep track of your progress.

 Our favorite aspect of the game’s adaptive difficulty progression is that it becomes more tough as players grow better.

6. Luminosity:

It’s no surprise that the brain training game Luminosity is so well-liked, and for good reason. Over 25 games in Luminosity’s library adjust to your specific performance, offering a unique brain training experience for each player. As long as you follow to their program, you’ll grow better at playing the games they put into their daily training routine. 

The Luminosity team also collaborates with 40+ academic researchers across the globe. So, it can create interesting new games based on traditional cognitive and neuropsychological challenges.

7. Monument-Valley:

Monument Valley is unlike most of the games on this list in that it doesn’t look like any of them. This is a basic puzzle game, but the soothing music, stunning visuals, and lighthearted gameplay elevate it beyond the ordinary. 

Monument Valley challenges you to think outside the box while solving riddles. There is even a sequel to the independent mobile game that was released in 2014, and it is still one of the most gorgeous iPhone apps.


We like brain training games because they’re not only entertaining, but they also help us improve our cognitive abilities. A good brain game has it all: memory retention, abstraction, split attention, and word memory.

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