36 Gorgeous Coffee Mugs That Will Make All Your Co-Workers Jealous

Looking to buy a new mug anytime soon?

Let us present some of the best novelty coffee mugs that are available on the market right now.

These novelty coffee mugs are bound to leave your Coworkers envious of how good the mug is and how good your choice is. 

Let’s get into it! 

Best Novelty Coffee Mugs Review:

1. Dali Llama Mug

When it comes to having the most attractive designs, you would understand why this product tops the list.

This is one of the most eyecatching designs which has a llama built on it.

Not only this product has a great design, but this product also has enough space for storing coffee in the right amounts!

2. Photographer Mug

If you are fond of your photography skills, let it known to be the world as well!

This photographer mug features a very good novelty design which gets funny as well!

This mug comes with a high-quality print on it that makes it look extremely attractive.

With this novelty mug, you can truly show off your photography skills! 

3. Cactus Coffee Mug

As far as spreading humor goes, this one takes the win.

Cactuses hurt and they pain a lot.

With this cactus coffee mug, you can remind everyone to be a better person!

This is one of the best personal items that you can use in your daily life as well. 

4. David Meowie Coffee Mug

If you love cats, you know how cute they are.

This cat mug is very cutie and attractive at the same time. 

This mug features a very attractive design that makes everyone fall in love with it.

This cup features a cat with David Meowie’s styling! With this cup, be the most stylish in your workplace! 

5. Jesus Shaves Mug

Humor is one of the best things that you can transfer throughout your office and make everyone fall in love with you immediately.

Being an office hero doesn’t take much; it only needs you to deliver correct jokes! 

With this coffee mug, be everyone’s favorite at the office! 

6. Morning Wood Travel Mug

Wood cups have been known to be the best ones to carry your beverage from one place to another.

If you lack the time to drink the coffee at your house, then you should get this cup which will retain the heat until you reach your office where you can have the perfect hot coffee that you wanted! 

7. Toilet Mug

Toilets and coffee are one of essential part of the daily routine. With this coffee mug, make these two merge into one!

This novelty coffee mug features a design that seems humorous.

This coffee mug has more than enough space to provide you with a good dose of coffee that you require in the mornings! 

8. Mom Hair Don’t Care

If you are a mother and you are showing signs of aging, well there’s no shame in it, right? As a matter of fact, you should own it proudly!

This cup is a perfect method of letting people know just how proud you are to be a mother.

Make everyone love you in your office! 

9. May Contain Alcohol

If you work in an environment where things are intense every time, then this is the right kind of novelty coffee mug for you!

This is a great choice for keeping things light and breezy in your work environment and be everybody’s favorite with this unique novelty on the cup!

10. Keep That Shit Up

There are days where we just need to be motivated to keep going and well, there is no one there for us.

With this cup, you can have a daily dose of motivation with your coffee!

This novelty coffee mug is a great choice for anyone that lacks the motivation to get through their day.

Get yours now! 

11. Donut Coffee Mug

If you like donuts, then you know that coffee and donuts are some of the best breakfast combinations.

How about having a coffee in a donut themed mug?

This is one of the most unique designs on the list and allows you to show your love for the donuts! 

12. Eat A Bag Of…

If morning is not the best time of day for you, then this is the best gift for you.

We all have the morning on which we feel grumpy and we just don’t like talking to anyone.

With this novelty coffee mug, you can make it known to the world that you are not in the mood for talking right now.

Dare at your own risk! 

13. Prescription Mug

A lot of people are in that stage of life where they have to take prescriptions in their everyday life.

Well, what’s your prescription for having a good and fresh morning? A coffee right?

This cup is one of the best novelty coffee mugs that are available for purchase right now and this cup comes with a spacious volume to store coffee in them. 

14. Coffee Pot Mug

This is one of the unique designs on this list.

This is like a miniature version of the classic coffee pot used in dinners across America.

This is a great choice for holding coffee in a mug.

With this unique design, wow your co-workers away!

Having coffee in this pot mug feels different and in a good way. 

15. Periodic Table Mug

Are you a science fanatic and like chemistry?

Then choose this coffee mug to get joy out of it every time that you look at it!

This is one of the best coffee mugs as it contains information.

If you like chemistry, then you can get this cup and evolve chemistry in your daily life! 

16. Big Mouth Mug

Sure, having coffee in a nice mug feels refreshing.

But what if the mug came up with space to store cookies that you can take with your coffee.

This is one of a kind mug and comes with a unique design that isn’t seen anywhere else on this list.

With this mug, make things in your office better! 

17. Poop Mug

What are the four things of your daily routine? Well, I wouldn’t know, ask the cup!

This is one of the great choices to keep things light and breezy at the office and to be everybody’s favorite at the office!

This cup is going to make you share all of your happiness with your co-workers and is a great choice for starting dry mornings. 

18. Gamer Mug

Do you love gaming, and specifically have a console? Then this is one of the best choices for keeping things light and breezy in the office.

With this gamer mug, tell the world about your immense love for gaming.

Hopefully, any of your colleague that is a fellow gamer will turn up and you guys are going to bond over gaming! 

19. Cat Mug

If you love having a cat or you like having cats, then this is one of the best choices for you!

These novelty coffee mugs show off the free will of the cats that they have which makes them one of the cutest choices for purchase.

These mugs are immensely funny and only someone that owns a cat can understand. 

20. Pick Up Chicks Mug

Some of you may be ticked off by the name and might not like the perverse name of this cup.

But believe us, this cup’s name is very literal!

This cup is one of the funniest and the best novelty coffee mugs that you can buy.

This will allow you to keep the moods light and breezy and will open so many opportunities for having fun at work! 

21. For Fox Sake Mug

When it comes to promoting humor, this is one of the best novelty coffee mugs!

As much as witty foxes are, they can also be used as a medium of transferring humor throughout the office!

This is one of the most cutest novelty coffee mugs on the list and is also very attractive as it comes with an uncommon color scheme. 

22. Sisterly Love Mug

Sisters are one of the best gifts from God and your parents that you can have!

If you have a fellow sister, having this novelty coffee mug is one way to appreciate them!

This novelty coffee mug shows off your love for your sister and also tells the world just how much you love them! 

23. Freudian Slip Mug

What’s a Freudian slip, you might ask? Well, when you say something else, but you mean something else!

This novelty coffee mug allows you to go fearless and say out what’s on your mind when having a hot cup of coffee in your office.

Due to sturdy build quality and large volume for storing beverages, this is one of the best choices!

24. Tardis Coffee Mug

Okay, do you love Doctor who? Are you a big fan? Well, then this is the product that you’re going to want to get.

This mug is inspired by the iconic tardis of doctor who! With this coffee mug, all there is for you to do is add a beverage to the mug and enjoy!

If you have any Doctor who fanatic in your office, you are going to bond great over this novelty coffee mug! 

25. I Will Always Love You Mug

When it comes to declaring love for someone in a humorous way, these novelty coffee mugs take the win.

Through this coffee mug, you can express the love for your special one and in such a way that it will get them singing along.

This mug is going to make them think of you every time they look at it! 

26. Salty Bitch Mug

If you want to keep things light and humorous, then this cup is an excellent choice.

This cup has a funny and original novelty design which makes everyone fall in love with it and be envious of the owner.

Having this cup on your table is going to give people who are about to talk to you a heads-up about your personality! 

27. Stranger Things Mornings are for Coffee

“Stranger things” was one of the best shows to have ever been run on Netflix.

If you know for a fact that someone is a fan, then giving them a novelty mug according to their favorite series is one of the best ideas.

Especially if you love the renowned stranger things, then this mug is going to be a good choice for enlightening the morning mood! 

28. You’ve Been Poisoned

If you are looking to pull a prank on your friends anytime soon, then this is one of the best ways.

This will allow you to keep the mood light and breezy throughout the office.

This coffee mug may seem rather simple but once the beverage is gone, the words “You’ve been poisoned” will emerge.

This might make someone think that they’ve been actually poisoned! 

29. Can’t Touch This

Coffee mugs are a private belonging.

With this novelty coffee mug, make this known to the world!

This Novelty mug is one of the cutest designs on this list and conveys the humor well.

This coffee mug is also a great choice for a gift for any of your close friend, or any of your siblings.

This cup also comes with a lot of storage capacity. 

30. Funeon Funny Coffee Mug Gifts

Do you know anyone or are you, yourself are tired of the stupid relationship dramas? Well, with this novelty mug, tell the world that you’ve had enough!

This is one of the best choices and is motivational and funny as well.

This makes for a very good gift as it comes with a lot of space for carrying the beverage.

31. I’m A Professional

If you are good at what you do, what better way to announce it than on your coffee mug?

This is one of the best novelty coffee mugs that gives you an emphatic way of telling the world just how capable you are!

This mug is great for sending humorous waves through the office just by having this great novelty cup.

This cup is a great choice for a gift as well! 

32. Unicorn Farts

Unicorns are known to be very cute and beautiful. But what about unicorn farts…?

This novelty coffee mug is a great choice if you are looking for something that is funny yet beautiful as well.

This is a great choice for uplifting your mood in the mornings!

This is a great mug if you are looking for something that is going to keep things hilarious in your workplace.

With this unicorn fart mug, you will be able to ensure a consistent breezy flow of humor! 

33. Avocado Couple Mug

Do you love avocados? Then with this novelty coffee mug, start your day with a boost!

This is one of the most hilarious novelty coffee mugs on the list and is also a great choice for a gift.

Whether you need to need to give it to a friend or any family member, or for yourself, This mug is sure going to keep the mood delightful! 

34. Couples Mug Set

If you have been recently married or if any of your friends are getting married recently, these novelty coffee mug sets are a great gift choice.

Not only do they keep things light and breezy, but they also come with a compliment on each mug which is bound to make the couple fall in love with each other even more.

This novelty coffee mug set is an adorable way of kickstarting your day. 

35. Donald Trump Dad Mug

Regardless of the opinion you have over Donald Trump, this is one of the best novelty coffee mugs that you can buy right now!

If your dad’s birthday is nearing anytime soon or whether you are looking to stir up some controversial political gossip in your workplace, This novelty coffee mug does the job! 

This cup is a spacious one and can hold up to 11 ounces of any beverage.

36. Mom Mug Set

Last but not the least, if you are a mother, then this cup is a good fit for you!

Motherhood can be referred to as a feeble balance between wine and coffee.

This coffee mug comes with a comfortable and large handle which allows you to have a better grip on the mug.

Due to its ergonomic design and huge capacity, this is one of the best cups!


Here go all of the gorgeous novelty mugs that are going to uplift your style and make you look more cool and fashionable!

These novelty mugs will convey delightful and light humor throughout your office which will make all of your co-workers fall in love with you!

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