20 Big Sister Gifts To Flaunt Their New Sibling Status

When you’re passionate and excited about welcoming a new little member in your house, you’ll need to make your first child feel important as well so that while being involved with the little one fully, the big ones don’t feel left out. 

A great way to make the elder ones feel included and loved, when the new baby arrives it to offer them cute gifts and make them flaunt their new status. 

Choosing a big sister’s gifts can be really difficult and time-consuming, hence a list of viable options is being provided below to ensure to pick the best big sister’s gift and make them happy and excited to welcome the new member. 

Big Sister Gifts Review:

1. Big Sister T-Shirt

If you’re hunting for the best big sister gift, that goes easy on your pocket, and should be loved by the elder one, then this adorable big sister reveals t-shirt can be your best pick. 

Being made up of cotton, this shirt is comfortable to wear for prolonged hours. 

Coming in different sizes and colors, it’s easy to get this shirt according to the personnel preference of the kid. 

Its manufacturer ensures that the print of the text comprises of high quality, and won’t come off, even after extensive washing. 

2. Big Sis Sippy Cup 

Being a big sister, you need to make sure that the gift you’re providing to the elder kid is easily used by them and should be attractive and eye-catching.

This big sister sippy cup can be your viable pick for the best big sister gift. 

Being made up of high-quality plastic, this cup ensures to stick around with your little one for a prolonged time.

Consisting of the thick upper layer, this cup is BPA free and ensures to keep your drinks hot or cold.  

3. Big Sister Rag Doll

As welcoming the new member to your family and side by side giving privilege to the elder one as well.

This big sister gift consisting of a set of ragdoll can prove to be beneficial and will surely be adored and loved by them. 

Besides keeping your girls together, this product comprises of high-quality material and ensures the user that it will stick with your little girls for a longer time. 

4. Big SisterNecklace

It’s considered that the love between two sisters is one-of-a-kind and a really special one for both of the girls.

In order to make this bond a little stronger, providing your little girls with each necklace can help them get their bond even stronger. 

This necklace is made up of high-quality material and comes with a red velvet gift bag.

Which makes this gift look absolutely beautiful and the perfect big sister gift you can ever give.  

5. Big Sister Crown and Sash Set

While welcoming the little one to your family.

You need to pick something special for the elder one that makes him feel included and an important person while celebrating the big news. 

This crown comes with rhinestones, which enables it to spark and shine which looks beautiful to the viewer.

The combs at the corners of this crown are sure to make the big sister look center of attraction and feel like a queen.

If you want to make the big sister stand out from the crowd, this can be the best big sister gift ever. 

6. Personalized Big Sister sibling Book

What can be a better big sister gift, then providing them with a storybook that contains two siblings embark on the adventure in the form of cute poems! 

Fill with fun and joy, this storybook engages the big siblings towards it and allow them to travel through a journey of adventures with the fictional characters Ethan and Ava.

To make the bond of the two siblings stronger and loveable, this storybook can be your viable pick as a big sister gift.

7. Super Sister Cape

Being an elder sister means that she’s going to be the role model for the little one in his whole life.

And being a role model the elder one has to have something that makes her feel like a superhero with a comprehensive set of superpowers. 

To step up the position of the elder one, and to make her feel wanted during the big news.

This Super Sister cape can prove to be the best big sister gift you can ever give. 

8. Hair Bow

This cute little white hair bow with the text “big sister” printed on it can prove to one of the viable picks for big sister gifts.

Coming with the single prong alligator clip ensures that the hair of the big sister will remain in its place for a prolonged time.  

This hair bow can be easily slid into the hair without even making the big sister feel irritated. 

9. Big Sister Camera and Photo Album Set

A camera can be a basic necessity, to capture the mesmerizing moments and the celebrations while welcoming the new member. 

This digital mini camera can support up to 20.0 Megapixel picture quality with a resolution of 1080 pixels

The front and rear cameras of this product are integrated with a time-lapse shooting function so that the kids can catch the moment of their adorable childhood with ease. 

This camera can cost more than your budget, but the specifications it comes with makes up for its price. 

10. Big Sister Scrubs

If you’re looking for the best birthday gift for the elder one within a price, range then these big sister scrubs can prove to be the best big sister gift you can ever give. 

These scrubs are specially made for infants or kids less than 3 years and are comprised of 100 percent all-natural cotton fabric, these scrubs can be worn for a prolonged time with ease. 

This scrub comes in a variety of colors, so you can have your best pick according to the preference of the elder sister.  

11. Big Sister: Write Notebook Journal Diary

To make the bond of the big sister with the little one stronger, you need to pick something that can be used by both siblings.

Hence this 3 piece gift set can be a one-stop solution to your problem.

This gift set is unique, creative, and makes the big sister feel special.  

This gift set comprises certain toys that consist of a compact crown, a big sister doll, and an engaging storybook that matches with the toys. 

Hence coming at an cheaper price, this can be the best big sister gift you can ever give. 

12. I’m a Big Sister Book

This “I’m a big sister book” can prove to be a comprehensive set.

The best big sister gifts you can give to the elder one.  

Comprising of stories full of fun, your elder one won’t feel left out and will surely participate effectively while welcoming the new member in your family. 

13. Pink Insulated Small Plastic Tumbler

Coming with an HD print on the front side of the tumbler stating “Super Big Sister”.

This product can make your little one feel special and hence can be the best big sister gift you can ever give to her.  

Consisting of BPA free technology, this tumbler comes with a straw inserted into it to make it easier for the little on to enjoy her drinks.  

With featuring a sleeky design, this tumbler can be a great addition to the closet of the big sister or can be used as a decoration piece at the study table. 

15. Big Sister Ringer Tee

Being made up of high-quality cotton fabric, this ringer tee can be worn for a prolonged with extreme comfort.

This ringer tee comes in a variety of sizes and colors to choose from so that you can have your best pick according to the preference of your elder kid.  

If you’re looking for something that’s ultra-durable and can stick around for a longer time, then this ringer tee can be a thing you’re looking for. 

16. Little Sis Big Sis Bracelets

As we all know that sisters share an exceptional bond with each other.

And to nourish their bond, we present you with these cute bracelets, with “big sis” and “Lil sis” Printed on them. 

These bracelets can be given to both of the sisters at the same time and will look absolutely adorable on them. 

Being made up of high quality, these bracelets can be worn for a prolonged time with comfort. 

17. Personalized Princess Coloring Pillowcases

Made up of high-quality material, these pillows consist of a soft customizable upper layer, that can be filled with the colors of the choice of the kid. 

Whether to use this pillowcase as a decoration piece or replacing this with an existing pillowcase.

This product is highly compatible and hence can prove to be a good pick for a big sister gift.  

18. Push and Kick Stroller

What can be a more great memory then witnessing your elder one pushing the new member of your family in a stroller and roaming around the whole house. 

Being featuring a belt and comfortable inner layer, this stroller comprises of all the basic necessities and safety precautions, the good stroller should consist of. 

It’s easy to mount this stroller up with the help of instruction, and when not in use, you can fold this stroller and can keep it in your store.

If you’re looking for the best big sister within a budget, then this stroller can be your viable pick. 

19. Girl’s Name Personalized Throw Pillow

If you really want to make your elder kid feel special while celebrating and welcoming the new member side by side, this can be the best big sister gift you’ve been looking for. 

Consisting of a wide range of colors, this customized throw pillow can be chosen as per the preference of your little one. 

What’s the best feature of this throw pillow is that it allows users to print a name on the front side of the pillow.

So this gift can prove to be a special one for your elder kid as it will be having the name of your kid printed on it. 

20. Princess Garden Reusable Sticker Scenes

If you have an elder child that loves to play with stickers and likes to decorate stuff with her imaginary decorative skills, then this can be the right big sister gift for her.  

With its high quality sticking tape, this sticker offers the users to use.

It multiple times without being worried that its stickiness will go away. 

21. Dark Cherry Toy Box

If you have a big sister in your home who’s always confused about where to put all of her toys at a particular place.

Then surprise her with this big sister gift would and make them feel special. 

Being wide enough, this toy box can easily store a ton of toys safely.

Coming with a handlebar in the above. It’s easy to open and shut down the door of the toy box, with keeping the fingers of your kid safe. 


The above list of gifts can prove to be one of the best big sister’s gifts you can have so that the elder one doesn’t feel left out. 

Before getting your hands on the gift, it’s recommended to make sure the preference the elder siblings have so that they can have a gift they’ve always dreamed about. 

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