23 Funny Fathers Day Gifts That Are Sure To Bring A Smile To His Face

When it comes to fathers, they are the ones that are willing to sacrifice everything to make their kids happy.

Of course, it only makes sense to give them a gift on their birthday which will prove as a token of appreciation as to what they do for us. 

If you are looking for funny father’s day gifts, but you’ve got nada, don’t worry as you have finally come to the right place!

We bring you the best 23 funny father’s day gifts that are going to bring a broad smile to your father’s face! 

Funny Fathers Day Gift Reviews:

1. POLIGO Golf-Club Style Grill Accessories Kit

If Grilling is one of the favorite hobbies of your father, then you have found the right gift for him.

This Grill accessories kit has a high-quality construction which ensures the durability of the product.

The grilling kit is also gold-designed for humor purposes! 

2. Poo-Pourri Before-You-go Toilet Spray

No one likes bathroom odors.

To get rid of them and make your father be accustomed to a healthy and comfortable environment, gift him this Before-you-go Toilet Spray! 

The scent of these toilet spray is very attractive and has been made from a lot of tests which ensure that this product is free of any kinds of allergic reactions! 


Does your father like pizza and you are looking for funny father’s day gifts? Then look no further, as this is the perfect match! 

These socks are pizza-themed which makes them a delight for anyone that is a pizza lover.

These socks are made up to 80% of cotton which is the main reason behind them being comfortable.

These socks are unique and indeed will make for one of the best funny father’s day gifts.

4. Don’t Fuck Up The Table

If you are looking for funny father’s day gifts, these are your items.

Humor is one of the most appreciated emotions by humans which is why, these gifts will always be memorable to your father! 

These Drink Coasters can be used on different occasions, whether it be a small wedding or a house party.

5. GreatGadgets Classic Beer Holster

Truth be told, Dads are a great fans of beer. 

It only makes sense to get them something through which they are able to hold the beer; that’s right, the Beer Holsters are just what you need! 

Made from Hand-made leather, the quality wise great holster are a great choice for the gift as it allows a person to store a full beer bottle in it and fits any belt. 

6. Beer Glass

If your dad is a fan of drinking whiskies and wines, then this is amongst the perfect father’s day gifts!  

Made from glass, this cup is very spacious and is referenced to the series game of thrones.

This cup comes with Lannister symbol embossed on it, and according to the series “A Lannister always pays his debt” If your father is a fan of GOT then give him this GOAT cup!

7. Toilet Timer by Katamco

As far as looking for a funny father’s day gift goes, this is one of the best choices. As seen on ABC’s channel show “Shark Tank” These products send a clear message to the recipient. 

Using these toilet timers doesn’t allow a person to use bathrooms more than for five minutes or they go off and trouble ensues.

With these toilet timers, make your dad never run late again! 

8. Breakfast Maker

If your father likes to have something else par example, waffles in the morning, then what’s standing in their way?

Obviously, the means to cook it! 

With this breakfast maker, a person can easily make different kinds of food which comes in a lot of handy and also saves time which makes it a great choice for a father’s day gift.

9. Daddy’s Diaper Duty Apron

Daddies are one of the most responsible figures in the world.

For a father that is a mother to his kids too, this is one of the greatest father’s day gift ever! 

This Diaper duty apron comes in handy when you need to change the diapers of your little one.

Having this apron makes the experience more fun and comfortable for you as well as for them! 

10. Toilet Night Light Tech Gadget

If your father is a DIY fan, then this is one of the best funny father’s day gifts that you could buy!

Coming in a lot of different colors, these LED lightning Motion Sensors enhance the period a person stays in the bathroom for and the person is able to find something else to focus on! 

These LED lights run on 3AA batteries. 

11. Olympia Provisions

If your dad loves meat and you are looking to buy him a funny father’s day gift, then this is the right option for you. 

These are one of the most premium salamis that are available for a person to buy.

The fine meat used in these salamis is what makes them tasty and unharmful to health. 

What makes this a great option for a gift is the fact that it comes with 6 different types of salamis!

This meat is tendered in a way like meat is tendered in Europe which makes it a great choice as meat from Europe is always the finest

12. Peleg Design Mr. Razor

As soon as we turn to adulthood, the need of the razor just intensifies.

But if you are looking to give your dad funny father’s day gifts, then this is the right one! 

This custom razor looks rather cool and funny, and in a unique kind of way.

The design of this razor makes sure that it stays clean and keeps the user from harming themselves.

Apart from that, this razor is one of the most compact gift options which makes it a great gift choice! 


Cups and Glasses are one of the most beautiful gifts that a person could give to someone to make them feel special. 

When looking for funny father’s day gifts, a funny and attractive cup will end your search for anything else!

This cup is spacious enough to hold a total of 16 oz of drinks. This cup is also a great choice for handling hot beverages, especially coffee! 

What makes this one of the most funny father’s day gifts is due to the fact that it has some funny text imprinted on it

14. Suck UK

Camping is one of the best virtues of humanity, and for dads it’s even better. 

This is so because the experience of camping is very educational for children and dads are able to teach a lesson or two as well as enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Now, an outing is incomplete if it doesn’t have delicious and tasty food involved.

With this red stainless steel Suck UK BBQ toolbox, make the camping experience, even more, better and make him look happier! 

15. Exceptionally Bad Dad Jokes

There are so many things that are unique and lovely about dads.

But one thing that nothing else beats is their dad jokes.

If your dad is out of dad jokes, choose this book as it has some jokes that will be a great addition to their ideas and inventory and will make for one of the funny father’s day gifts

With this book, you can really make your dad help a lot of people laugh!

16. Lady Sandra Home Fashions

Not just dad’s, all men have an habit of using one towel for everything. Take it from us, ladies know better.

Now the idea of using two different towels is not much of a winner with men, but  if we label both sides of the towel, perhaps the grossness might step down a bit? 

Make their life easier as you give to choose this towel from the list of funny father’s day gifts.

One side of the towel is white, which has a face written on it, and the other side of the towel is brown and has a butt written on it.

Instructions have never been more clearer.

17. Scotch Infused Toothpicks

Toothpicks are one of the objects that are beloved and are a dad’s favorite.

But what make these toothpicks even better and a great pick for funny father’s day gifts is the fact that they are scotch infused. 

This means when a person will use these toothpicks they will have the scent of a scotch and also smells likely!

By choosing this as a gift for your father, make the right choice! 

18. Seven Deadly Sins Set of 7 Shot Glasses R1

Looking for something fun? Then this is indeed one of the most funny father’s day gifts!

If your dad is a fan of beers and is used to having drinks with his friends, then this is the correct set for you to give him on father’s day! 

This comes as a set of seven glasses, very much like the name of the product.

These glasses have the capacity to hold 2 ounces of drink at a time each.

Which is more than enough to drink something that is very powerful and strong.

Wouldn’t wanna get hangover now, would we? 

19. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

People usually run late in their morning routines.

This is why this is the perfect gift for anyone that is looking to gift them a gift that is worth having this Father’s day. 

This Sandwich maker allows a person to make a lot of delicious and tasty sandwiches right out of the home which also helps people save money.

The cooking through this sandwich maker is rather quick as the sandwiches when cooked and made through this take no more 5 minutes to be ready to be eaten or served. 

20. Dinosaur Planters

If your dad is the one with a green thumb, then these funny father’s day gifts will surely leave him happy. 

Made from ceramic materials, this funny dinosaur planter is one of the most cutest and attractive planters for growing plants.

The elegant design of these planters also makes them a good piece of indoor decor

To make this the perfect planter to grow plants.

The design of these planters includes drainage holes at the bottom of the design which will remove water if it is added into excessive amounts.

21. I Know Things Pint Glass

Fathers are accredited to be the all-knowing and doing it all. 

When looking for funny father’s day gifts, the cup that appreciates this very fact is one of the best choices for father’s day gifts. 

The design of this Pint glass is rather attractive as it has Dragon Silhouette on the Reverse Side of the cup.

To further illuminate the design and the text on this Pint glass, the glass has been permanently etched which is why it will be a great gift to give your dad this father’s day! 

22. Coffee Grinder

A single cup of Coffee is enough to keep a person powered and fully charged to take on the day’s challenges. 

Although this is from no angle a funny father’s day gift, but without a doubt is one of the best choices for the father’s day gift.

Coming with a simple design, this coffee grinder is a great way of making things easier for your dad and making coffee at home! 

The design of this coffee griner is made from stainless steel which makes it highly durable.

It also comes with as many as 19 grinding settings which the users can set and choose according to their own preferences.

23. Funny Fathers Day Card

What better gift to give your father this father’s day than these funny father’s day gifts

When looking for funny father’s day gifts, you can share these pun-intended greeting cards with your father on the father’s day to show how much you value them!

These cards without a doubt, are dime a dozen! 

The design of this coffee griner is made from stainless steel which makes it highly durable.

It also comes with as many as 19 grinding settings which the users can set and choose according to their own preferences.


These were the funniest father’s day gifts for you to purchase.

In the end, its all about the hardworking dads that go around working throughout the whole year without uttering a single word. 

Treat your father with some well-deserved appreciation as you give them these funny father’s day gifts on the big day!

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