19 Gifts For Engineers That Will Definitely Measure Up

Engineers are one of the most skilled and talented people to exist, and that is why, choosing a gift for them is nothing short of hard.

This article includes 19 best gifts for engineers that you know.

These gifts are so good that they are instantly going to fall in love with them! 

We get that gifts are important and especially to someone that is passionate about something.

This is why these are the best gifts that you can buy to anyone passionate and indulge deeply in the world of engineering!

Best gifts for engineers Review:

1. Weatherproof Notebooks

When it comes to choosing the best gifts for engineers, this is something that cannot be sidelined.

This is an ideal choice for your engineer friend if they like to take notes.

These Diaries feature a simplistic yet elegant design and come in four different colors.

This is the b1est notebook as they are going to keep everything mentioned on it safe.

The spiral design of this notebook makes it easy to use. 

2. Multitool

Moreover, it features a sturdy design and is made from the best materials, which is enough to guarantee that this product is going to last a good long time! 

3. Engineers Tactical Bag

This stylish bag is bound to shut down your search for the best gifts for engineers!

Coming in four different colors, this is an ideal choice for gifts for engineers that have to carry a lot of equipment.

This bag features a rigid construction and has been made from tough materials such as nylon.

Apart from being rigid, this bag also happens to be lightweight!

This bag contains features such as shoulder adjustable strap, multiple dividers which factor in for easy organization of equipment.

4. Perpetual Calendar

Talking about the design, this is one of the most unique calendars to have been ever made, but that is also why it makes one of the best gifts for engineers.

This calendar has a month’s name written on it and it does a 180 rotation throughout the whole year.

As for marking the date, a straight scale passes by which has a magnetic ball on it and it marks the date. 

5. Tesla Patent

For any engineer, this is the best possible gift. This is a set of 4 amazing tesla patent prints and are bound to make for a memorable gift.

These are the patents of none other than the famous American Inventor, Nikola Tesla!

Best for his contributions to electric engineering, he is considered to be one of the icons of the science domain.

We are sure your engineer friend loves him too! 

6. Engineer Girl Power Coffee Mug

A lot of girls don’t pursue engineering as their passion, but those do, they are not the ones to be meddled with.

This makes for one of the best gifts as it highlights and uplifts your genius female engineer friend.

This mug has been made from high-quality materials and comes with text written on it that is bound to leave your friend in a great mood! 

7. More Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things

What is the need for getting new items when you can make use of those that you have already in your possession?

This is one of the best gifts for engineers as it comes with almost 1,.715 uses for the common items that you find around your house.

This can allow you to save a lot of money and time, and all of these methods are rather simple and easy! 

8. Badass Engineer Knife

If your engineering friend is considering retiring anytime soon, then this is one of the best gifts for engineers that you can give to them.

This is a knife that has some boosting text written on it and has been made from the best kinds of materials which make it fit for any survival situation.

Furthermore, this engineering knife also makes a great choice if you are planning to give your friend a souvenir.

9. Mind Teaser Puzzles 

Engineers are fascinated when they come across something complicated and it challenges their mind!

If you are looking for gifts for engineers, then why not get them something that is going to improve their ability to focus and improve their logic?

This is one of those fun games where you need to boggle your mind to think a way through them and with these mind teaser puzzles, you could have some fun educational competition! 

10. Aviator Safety Glasses

When it comes to adding style as well as safety, this is the best choice when considering buying gifts for engineers.

These aviator safety glasses have been coated with protective materials.

This makes it a great choice for protecting these safety glasses from scratch protection.

These glasses have been constructed from durable materials and are available in a lot of different styles. 

11. Math Equation Clock

If your engineer friend is still studying, then this an amazing choice!

This math equation clock is one of the unique gifts and offers a rather unique way to keep track of time!

When we say unique, we mean that the digits on this math equation clock are written, well like mathematical equations.

This wall clock features an analog dial.

To check the time, your engineering friend is going to have to solve a miniature math problem.

Talk about boosting their logic! 

12. The Pocket Scientist

When in doubt, measure it out! This is a perfect gift for any engineer.

This is a ruler scale and also comes with conversion units to make you be ready for a technical conversation with solid facts anytime!

The size of this ruler is unconventional and it fits inside a wallet.

The dimensions of this wallet ruler is that of a credit card which allows it to fit in easily. 

13. Engineering Cheat Sheet Tee

When it comes to choosing stylish engineering gifts, this shirt takes the win!

This T-shirt has all the engineering concepts, equations, and hints printed all over it!

This comes in handy when you are stuck during solving a mathematical equation.

The best part about these shirts is the fact that when they are printed, they come with a few slight changes.

Moreover, these shirts are not defined by gender so that makes them a great choice! 

14. Elon Musk Book 

The story of Elon Musk is the inspiration for any engineer out there, and this is why this makes for one of the best gifts of all time.

The author has used the story of none other than Elon Musk and answered a lot of questions that are raised by experts to this date.

In this book, the author says that Elon Musk is one of the best and the most efficient people and takes up the mantle of the geniuses such as Thomas Edison and others. 

15. Mathematical Mug

Featuring a unique design, this makes for one of the best gifts for engineers.

This mug comes with enough storage to hold in all of your morning coffee.

As for the uniqueness of the design, this mug comes with some of the most famous and some of the most crucial mathematical formulas printed on it.

Moreover, this mug has been made from some of the best materials which makes it safe for use in dishwashers and microwaves. 

16. 3D Printing Pen

When it comes to giving gifts, this is one of the best options on this list.

This 3D printing pen allows the users to create, draw, doodle, and sketch-like a professional in real life.

This pen comes with features such as variable speed and a large LCD screen.


17. Circuit Board Coasters

Computers and any electric components are to be kept away from the water, but not these!

These circuit board coaster make for some of the best gifts for engineers.

These coasters do an amazing job at absorbing the fluid that falls out of the cup and does an amazing job in keeping the surface clean.

18. Engineer Nutrition Facts

Funny mugs make for one of the best gifts when it comes to looking for gifts for engineers.

This cup comes with text on it that tells all the nutritions of what makes an engineer!

This mug comes with text imprinted on both sides and is made from the best materials.

19. Lego Technic Racer

How about something that helps them in making their projects and more?

This is one of the best gifts and comes with a remote that allows this lego racer to be operated wirelessly.

Out of the box, this product comes with everything that you need to make this product functional.

This is one of the best gifts indeed.


Here go all the best gifts for engineers that are going to make their day very bright.

These gifts for engineers were chosen after a long struggle to ensure that we were only bringing forth the best options for your special friends.

We hope you find the gift that you were looking for! 

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