Amazing Gifts For Knitters Who Have Everything

Knitting is one of the hardest things to do.

On the other hand, it sure is creative.

Imagine being able to knit something really cool which people will otherwise think that you’ve purchased from somewhere.

If you like knitting and want to treat yourself, or if you have a friend who is a knitter, then you are in the right place!

This article includes some of the best gifts that are available on the market for you to purchase when looking to buy amazing gifts for knitters.

From all these gifts, choose the one that you find the most amazing!

Best Gifts for Knitters Review:

1. Personalized Made By Tags

Are you proud of your knitting projects and want it to be known to the world who made these beauties?

Well, with these personalized tags, show off your knitting skills to the world.

These tags feature an elegant design which makes you look like a professional!

2. The Knitters Life List

If your friend is a knitter here is a life list of 1000 things that are must for them to do in their life.

If you were looking for something fun, then you have found the right kind of gift! 

3. Yarn Bowl

Yarn bowl is one of the most cherished items by any knitter.

This yarn bowl makes it a lot easier for the knitter to be able to manage the yarn.

This bowl features a design that gives out a single thread of yarn which prevents the yarn from mixing up. 

4. More Modern Knitting Book

Out of ideas about what to knit? Fret not, as these knitting books come with all the necessary designs that you can try on to bring more variety to your knitting programs. 

5. Reusable Tote

Totes are one of the best things that come in handy in everyday use. This tote bag is a reusable tote bag that has a knitting novelty on it.

This allows the users to show of their passion for knitting. 

6. Cat Butt Knit Coasters

If you are looking for something that is really cute and does the job, then this is the item that you should choose.

They are a great choice for keeping cups on. Whether the size of your cup be big or small, these knit coasters are a great piece of decoration! 

7. Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible

Coming from a knitting guru, this knitting bible comes with some of the favorite frameworks of the author.

This Japanese knitting stitch bible has a lot of original designs and variations which allow the users to try on something new! 

8. Knitting Project Wrist Bag

If your friend has an immense love for knitting and just can’t look away from it, then you have to get them this knitting project wrist bag!

This wrist bag is a spacious bag which features a very attractive design and allows the users to knit anywhere that they want to.

9. Mark Poulin Enamel Pin, Dog Pin, Dog and Yarn Pin

Puppies are indeed one of the cutest things on the earth.

If your knitting friend love puppies, then this enamel puppy pin is one of the greatest gifts you can ever buy for them.

This enamel pin comes with a rubber back clutch which allows the users to pin it  to any outfit they wear.

10. Wool Shampoo

Wool and Cashmere are some items that are very comfortable but require to be treated delicately as well.

For treating them with care, this wool shampoo is made highly concentrated to ensure that the wool isn’t damaged anyhow.

This wool shampoo has also been given a Cedar scent.

11. Yarn Boss Bag

If you are looking to do something unique such as trying on different color options.

This yarn boss bag is capable of easily fitting in more than six skeins standing on their ends and also comes with grommets on it’s top through which the yarn is fed. 

12. Knit Weave Mug

Made from New Bone china, this is one of the best choices for a gift for any knitter.

This knit weave mug comes with a silicone lid which can be used as an infusing holder or a coaster.

However, the lid of this knit weave mug doesn’t come with a seal so this is not a good choice if you need something that you can use while travelling. 

13. Yarn Ball Winder

When it comes to using the yarn balls, they are not the most convenient options.

There have been a lot of incidents where the yarn ball had opened and all the yarn spread all around.

With this ball winder, ensure that any unfortunate incident doesn’t happen!

The clamp on this device can be used to attach the ball winder and it will easily wind your ball into a neat, center-pull ball! 

14. Handmade Knitting Basket

If you are looking to gain inspiration from something, then this is one of the best choices for gifts.

This knitting basket is a good choice if you need something that you can utilize for extra storage.

This knitting basket comes with a lot of storage to save all the knitting yarns and the related items in and also features an attractive design.

15. Yarn Cat Tumblers

Who doesn’t love cats? Well if you also love them, then this is the right choice of item for you!

These pint glasses have cute kitties made on them that are totally losing it as they are being tangled in yarn!

This is a set of two tumblers which feature a cat on both designs that are playing with yarn. 

16. Keep Knitting and Ignore Cleaning Notebook

If  your favorite knitter likes to take a lot of notes, then perhaps this is one of the best choices when looking to buy gifts for knitters.

This notebook comes in a compact A6 size which makes it very easy for the users to take notes.

This will allow them to draw their favorite pattern, jot down some new knitting ideas or for standard usage. 

17. Funny Knitting Gifts -I Swoon Over Big Balls – Crochet Gifts for Women

Personal items that come in daily use are considered the best kinds of gifts.

If you are looking to buy amazing gifts for a knitting fanatic, then this cup is a great choice!

This is a novelty coffee mug that features content that is themed with the activity of knitting. This makes this cup extremely humorous and also attractive.

18. Yarn Storage Tote Bag

Losing the yarn balls are a serious problem as it adds to the costs of the users.

Yarn balls also happen to be a very important aspect of knitting as they used for knitting and making stitches.

However, with this yarn storage tote bag, never lose another yarn ball!

This allows the users to store their yarn balls inside this storage tote bag which the users can carry with them anywhere. 

19. Sweater Mug Hugger

Do you or your friends often end up making their coffees and teas go extremely cold? Then these sweater mug hugger are just what you need?

These sweater mug huggers make for a great gift as they were made by knitting and also provide added comfort to the users when it is placed around the cupl, making it easier for users to carry a mug. 

20. Vogue® Knitting The Ultimate Knitting Book: Completely Revised & Updated

If you know a knitter, then you know that running out of ideas is not very much hard.

This is why, you should get them something that is going to elevate their knitting experience!

This vogue knitting book is an ultimate knitting book that contains references and ideas that the readers can pick up and try for themselves! 

21. Yarn Cutting Board

If anyone is a yarn addict, or for a yarn addict such as yourself, this is one the best choices when it comes to buying gifts for knitters!

This yarn cutting board is made from reliable materials and feature a design that will make them cook more efficiently and features a design which will allow them to show off their passion for knitting! 

22. Cat Stitch Markers

For some people, there is nothing more adorable than cats!

If your favorite kniitter happesn to love cats as well, then these cat stitch markers will wow them away!

These cat stitching markers come off as a must-have in any knitting project.

These  cat stitch markers are bound to make your favorite knitter smile! 

23. Knitter Wine Charms

WIne charms are one of the most perfect ways when you are looking for ways to keep track for the wine glasses that you’ve had.

These also look good with stemmed cocktail glasses. Each of the wine charms come with different eight glass beads and an antique silver skin of yarn charm.

This will allow your knitting friend to have a bottle of wine at a club as they show off their skills! 

24. Ballsack Reusable Tote

The need for reusable bags in everyday’s life is unmeasurable.

If your frined has a love for knitting and you want to gift them something themed with knitting, then these ballsack resusable totes are the right choice for the gift!

These reusable tote bags are made purely from cotton which makes them extremely comfortable for carrying around and comes with a lot of space. 

25. Interchangeable Circle Needle Set

If you have a knitting friend, they would know how hard it is to keep the knitting needles safe!

With this circle needle set, free of them of the worry of buying out knitting needles every now and then.

This circle needle set is an ideal choice for knitting small projects in the round with two circulars which removes the need to buy extra needles!  

26. Stitch Counter

When a person starts knitting, losing the count of your knitting is not very hard.

This is why you should have something that will allow you to have the exact  count of sitches and rows when you are knitting.

This counter is a convenient option for tracking the numbers of your stitches and rows, allowing you to have better results. 

27. Light Up Knitting Needles

Knitting is something that is not define by the clock for some people. For such knitters, this is one of the best kind of gift!

This knitting needle will light up in the dark environments which will allow them to knit them even with the lights close.

This is one of the most innovative releases and what makes a gift a great one is its ability to come in handy. 

28. Pop The Champagne Pillow

This is one of the most amazing gifts for knitters!

This is a pillow that has been given a shape of an alcohol bottle which will make a great decor in anyone’s house!

What will make your knitter fall in love with this champagne pillow is the fact that it is purely made from baby alpaca wool. 

29. Knitting Humor Pillow

Last but not the least, this humorous pillow is one of the greatest choices when it come to choosing amazing gifts for knitters!

This is made by Bill Abbott, who is one of the renowned artists.

This pillow is made from heavy-duty stretch material and also comes with an excellent color scheme which will make it a good addition to a house!


Here are all the best gifts for knitters that you can buy and present as a gift. Not only these gifts will come off as delightful.

But they will also bring joy to the activity of knitting. Keep knitting with these gifts!


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