20 Fun and Useful Gifts For Your Favorite Quilter

Quilting is a lot of fun to do, but not at all easier to do. There are very few people that decide to go with such creative yet hard work requiring activity in the first place.

And this goes without saying, choosing a gift for a person that loves quilting is not going to be an easy task at all. But don’t worry, we have got you covered as you begin your search for gifts for quilters.

We have put together 20 useful and fun items that make for great gifts for quilters and will increase your appreciation in front of your friend.

Favorite Quilter Gift Reviews:

Now, you can consider these options as an idea or you could just purchase one of these gifts for quilters. Anyhow here the best items. 

1. Silver Quilting Bracelet

Quilting is very difficult to follow a habit, which means that anyone who does it, should carry something that makes them remind of how capable they are.

Bracelets happen to be the perfect fit for this criteria and gifting a bracelet to someone also comes off as an appreciation for the position they hold in your life.

with these silver quilting bracelets, make your relationship stronger than ever and also appreciate the niche of the activities they are carrying out to help them keep going as you give them one of the best gifts for quilters.

2. Sewing Clip Set

It is essential to have the prerequisites of any activity you follow.

Having sewing clip sets also comes off as a basic requirement for quilting.

If you know someone that likes to quilt, then gift them these sewing clips as quilters are always in need of good equipment.

These are very lightweight and flexible. These traits of these quilts sewing clips make them special for any person that understands the art of quilting.

They are stainless steel, which means they won’t rust and long for a good long period. If you are aware of their love of quilting, then this just fell as a perfect gift option in your lap.

3. Personalized Quilting Room Chalkboard Metal Sign

Another great option for a quilting enthusiast, this personalized quilting room chalkboard sign which is made out of metal, allows them to increase the style of their crafting room.

These signs are customizable so you can get something of value to your friendship on it so it serves a souvenir of your friendship as well as a great addition to their crafting room.

It is made out of sturdy aluminum and comes with two drill holes in it so you can just hang it on the wall. It is one of the perfect gifts for quilters.

4. Sewing and quilting themed socks!

When we take a new activity, it just absorbs us and keeps us attracted towards it, which is why we love to buy that are related to that particular activity!

If your friend is a quilting fan and likes to quilt, then you can gift them these socks as it will improve your relationship with them as well as give them the motivation to carry on with this activity.

Apart from being perfectly designed for a quilter, these socks are also too comfortable which makes a person to keep wearing them 24 hours a day and are one of the most comfortable gifts for quilters.

5. Quilting KeyChain

As souvenirs make for great gifts, this list has a lot of them! Having a good stylish keychain is always appreciated by everyone. If your friend likes quilting, then this is the keychain just for them!

This is an adorable keychain and it also happens to be a support system for your friend as gifting this will show their appreciation towards their activities and will also keep them motivated to perform quilting activities.

This is a compact gift that can be a part of your friend’s everyday life routine.

6. Thread Spool Huggers

These Effective thread spool huggers are made out of flexible materials, such as silicone, and above all, they are reusable! Save your friend’s time by giving them this as these thread spool huggers will help them find the notch in their spool.

This will make it easier for them to figure out where the end of the thread is.

The tail part of these spool huggers will keep the thread from unraveling when it is not being used.

It is a small accessory that will speak volumes about the world of quilting.

7. Beginners Book to Quilting

If you remember the last conversation with your friend and it included them mentioning starting about quilting, then the timing could never be more perfect as this book makes for a great guide for anyone who is starting as a beginner in the world of quilting.

Apart from this book making them familiar with every important aspect of quilting, this book also includes the much-needed humor to keep the process of learning light & breezy. 

8. Presser Foot Attachment

So, basically, this is an attachment that is used with sewing machines which allows the user to make this accessory hold the fabric when it is fed to the machine and stitched.

This saves a lot of time and hence, makes for a great gift. It has two toes included which are placed on either sides of the needle.

The compatibility of this product is great as it can be used with most quilting machines. 

9. Quilting Puzzle and Game Book

Sure, quilting is fun and all, but it doesn’t mean that one won’t want to take a break from it and do anything else for a change.

In this case, this product is a blessing as it includes some fun activity yet it also keeps the person’s mind attracted towards the specific activity of quilting.

Trust us, this will make for one of the best gifts as it will reflect your support and you’d also be providing an activity within something they are attracted towards.

10. Heat Erase Pens

These high-quality pens make for a great gift for any quilter as it can leave their mark on any fabric. They come in multiple color options.

These pens are heat erased, so it will help any quilter to leave a mark for their ease but once they are done, the ink is very easy to remove as you just heat the portion and it comes off.

To make them last for a long time, they come with refills as well.  

11. Mini Steam Iron

For any quilter, the importance of a good iron is very essential.

With Christmas just around the corner, this makes for a great gift for any quilter you know that is an iron short.

This Steam iron is very minimal in size but always comes in handy for any of the quilter’s ongoing projects.

It has an anti-slip handle which makes it easier for the user to maintain a good grip over it and makes it very easy to use in any project. 

12. Top of the Line Fabric Cutter

Although this list only consists of all the great gifts we could think of, this is actually a Top of the line performer.

The accurate and quick cutter is just about 90% more efficient than any standard scissor.

The best thing about this is that it is very easy to carry anywhere you want it to go with you.

To further increase the power in the punch that this packs, it comes with a die and a cutting mat.

These are the qualities that make it one of the best gifts for quilters.

13. Quilting Machine

For any quilting enthusiast, a sewing machine is a must-have. Without having one, your projects just remain incomplete.

To provide a quilter with full functionality, this makes for a great gift.

This happens to be one of the best and fastest quilting machines as it does more than 1500 stitches per minute.

A lot of saving productive hours which can be used in simply doing something better or perhaps another project. 

14. White Checkered Red Sewing Machine Ornament

With Christmas closing in, this white checker red sewing machine ornament makes for a compact yet a great gift for any quilter that you may know.

This ornament can be hung up on a Christmas tree or their crafting room which may make them feel included in your lives.

Or they could just hang it up in their crafting rooms to keep them motivated into making great quilting projects! 

15. It Started Out As a Harmless Hobby Quilting T-Shirt

Adding a little humor to any activity does you no harm, it only promotes it and adds some entertainment to it.

Add some entertainment to your friend’s life by giving them this Humorous shirt which will also result in a boost in their motivation as well as your appreciation will also increase.

It comes in different colors and different sizes so you can buy the one according to your preferences or make the choice that you know that they will love.

16. Quilting Fabric Strips

In quilting, you have to process any fabric before it can be used in any of your projects.

What could be better if the fabric already came processed so you can just get on with your project?

We would think that it would be a dream come true for any quilter as it will save a lot of their time.

It comes with sixteen various prints, which helps you make incredible quilting projects very easily.

With the help of these quilting fabric strips your friend will be able to make them incredible upcoming projects as they will be able to make and use different patterns.

17. Wool Pressing Pad

If your friend is one to believe in practicalities and results, then this is the perfect gift for them.

This is a very helpful gift for any quilter.

It comes with a premium quilting map that is purely made of wool which will help in avoiding stretching out the fabric they’re working on and will make their quilting very fast and precise.

The shape of this pressing pad is made to make the process of pressing it very convenient.

It is very easy to fit in a bag which means you can take it anywhere with you so you can work on your projects more efficiently.

18. Portable Rolling Fabric Cutter

This device was specifically made to make the life easier of a quilter.

With assist this fabric cutter provides, it becomes very easier to cut strips, borders, and metallic for quilts.

This fabric cutter can hold up to 8 layers of fabric at a time that frees the user of the hurdle of managing the threads.

The functionality it provides on its own makes for one of the best gifts you can buy your quilting friend. 

19. 100% Cotton Thread Set

In the world of quilting, thread makes for one of the most important things. Talking about the quality, these threads are made entirely from cotton.

The color of these threads is neutral which means it can be used with any project that any quilter is working on.

The satin finish provided on these threads will help the quilter to ignore and less lint will be made into the final project.

Whether your loved one is stepping foot into the world of quilting or whether they have been at it for a while, they will appreciate these Cotton Threads as a present! 

20. Ruler Templates

These ruler templates come in useful different patterns, which leads to an increase in any Quilter’s productivity. It is has been designed to be sturdy so it can withstand rough use and can’t be broken in case it is bent.

You can make various shapes from these rulers, a few being Crescent, Curves, Stitch Stars.

This ruler is made from strong acrylic and the transparency of the ruler makes it easier for quilters to see through and this ruler features alignment lines as well to help the user place the ruler at the right place.

Gift them this ruler and help them take their quilting to another level! 

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