A Guide To Chest Rigs and How To Use Them 

A good soldier will always be well equipped with the best possible supplies and tactical gear. Soldiers use their tactical gear according to the conditions they face. 

Sometimes all that matters is how you handle your gear. In dangerous situations, a soldier makes sure that he has quick and easy access to all his tactical gear. 

No one knows when which thing can become the most important and can become the essential factor between do or die situations. 

Soldiers often face these kinds of situations on the battlefield so that’s why it is very important for them to have quick access to all their gear. 

Chest rigs are the most essential part of tactical gear. Without a chest rig, a soldier is often said to be as good as dead already. 

This is why we are writing own this guide for you. This guide comprises each and everything that you might need to know about these chest rigs and how you can use them. 

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What are chest rigs?

Chest Rigs

Chest rigs are very important for soldiers and can sometimes become a matter of life and death. A chest rig is like a storage capacity used to store tactical equipment. 

A good chest rig can store almost anything from knives, grenades to ammo medical kits. 

Chest rigs are worn on top of a tactical vest but some of them come with a built-in tactical vest which is a bonus, protection, and storage two in one combo. 

Chest rigs are usually lighter than tactical vests and are made in such a way that they do not hinder the wearer’s movements. 

The biggest benefit of chest rigs is that they can carry a lot of things. Soldiers can easily transfer or carry their tactical gear with them from one place to another with absolute ease.  Chest rigs have a very versatile variety and come in all shapes and sizes. 

Different chest rigs have different storage capacities and different levels of protective features. Due to advancements in modern warfare, chest rig companies are coming up with different techniques that can increase a chest rig’s storage and protective capabilities. 

If a person is only looking for protective armor then he might be interested in a chest piece which is a type of chest but without pockets.     

Why are chest rigs important?

The main reasons why a chest rig is very important are protection and storage of tactical gear. A soldier is dependent on his tactical gear on a battlefield. 

In a life and death situation, the tactical gear of a soldier can save him. 

Chest rigs are used as a medium of transporting or carrying this tactical gear. Soldiers can travel long distances while carrying their gear with them with absolute ease and comfort. 

Carrying tactical gear in chest rigs allows a soldier to free his hands this is a great advantage. Before the use of tactical gear, soldiers had to carry their equipment by hand or by wagons.

This caused exhaustion and long-distance traveling was not possible. Chest rigs also provide protection to soldiers.

The unprotected parts of a soldier’s body are highly vulnerable to enemy attacks and modern warfare. 

But head and torso are the most important part of the body which need to be fully protected. Injuries to these parts can cause instant death.

In order to protect these parts, armed forces all around the world have created advanced helmets and body armors. Sometimes chest rigs come with built-in protective plates which provide protection to the wearer’s torso. 

Things to remember while buying a chest rig:

Most of the people using chest rigs are soldiers. Local people do not need chest rigs that much. But when it comes to the army one fatal mistake can be the cause of one’s death. 

The most important thing to remember while buying a chest rig is the color. Most people don’t even think about it but for survival, camouflage is the most important thing. 

Chest rigs come in different colors and people can choose the color according to the environment that they are going to wear it in. Chest rigs come with harnesses and there are 2 types of harnesses. 

The x type and the H type. One should always keep in mind what type of harness would best suit their body. 

The best chest rigs are those which provided easy and quick access to the things stored in them. Rigs with too many pockets tend to confuse people and quickly accessing the gear is more frustrating more some.


This is all you need to know about the chest rig. We hope this information would be fruitful for you! 

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