25 Japanese Gifts for Someone Who is Obsessed with the Country

Want to gift your homies with japanese gifts who are obsessed with the country and its culture? We got you covered!

Japan is one of the superpowers in the world these days. Moreover, it’s also known and remarked for its creativity and culture.

In this guide we have discussed the top 25 japanese gifts you can surprise anyone with. Hope you would be able to decide what to give as a gift, after reading our guide. Enjoy!

25. Koi Chime

These would surely be the best catch of yours in the season. These hanging decor would be the best gift for someone obsessed with Japanese culture. 

Hanging from the wall, they would look as if they’ve caught right at the moment from the ancient Japanese waters.

Also, the best part of them, they produce relaxing sounds whenever the wind blows. 

So you are to have the most pleasant evenings of your life. Moreover, this fish represents Japanese loyalty and friendship, making it not only pleasing to eyes and ears, but it seems to be symbolic as well.

24. HandHeld Fan

It is one lovely Japanese gift you can have. The thing we liked the most because it is practical and gives a person quite a Japanese vibe when made a part of the attire.

This holding fan is a crucial part of Japanese tradition, so you better not forget this while considering gifts for someone obsessed with their culture and tradition.

Although regular fans similar to these are purposely made for blowing cold breeze to us, these Hand fans are associated with Japanese traditional dances and other aspects.

23. Furoshiki Traditional Japanese Wrapping

It is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that is commonly used to wrap gifts. It is primarily used to give goods, gifts, clothes, and other goods. 

Bento boxes are one more example that uses Furoshiki cloth to cover them up. Mostly, food is given inside them.

So if you’re to buy a Japanese gift for someone, don’t forget to get this so you can wrap them up as well.

These wrapping clothes come in a variety of different designs, colors, and patterns. So you can decide which one will be the best one for you.

22. Bento CookBook

This Bento book has recently been bought on a wide scale across the West. It is a very nice approach to help people cook and enjoy traditional foods by Japanese culture.  

This Bento book would prove to be an excellent choice to be gifted.

A book lover and someone with an interest in Japanese tradition and culture would surely love it.

21. Authentic Matcha Green Tea Set

This is every tea lover’s must-have thing. It is filled with natural ingredients, i.e., antioxidants and matcha tea energetics. So what are you waiting for?

Buy this Japanese matcha tea set and whisk up a lump-free matcha tea. 

Buy this and enjoy the dignified taste of matcha tea and experience the best tea of your life. This set is exactly what you need to satisfy your cravings if you are a tea lover.

20. Noren Curtain

These traditional Japanese curtains are purposely used to hang between the walls, rooms, windows, etc.

They were basically used to prevent dust and protect houses from dust, wind, rain, etc. 

They can be purposely used for decorative purposes in our homes.

These curtains come in a variety of designs and 3D patterns, so you’d love them hanging around and seeking pleasure from them.

19. Japanese Folk Craft Game

This toy set is a classic you set manufactured by Daruma Otoshi. Wood is the material used in the making of this toy set.

This Japanese game’s main objective is to knock down the pieces under the toppest part, Daruma.

One by One, we have to knock down all the articles without dropping the Daruma. Also, these toy sets are a symbol used for good luck and perseverance.

This game has become a popular game lately and is played widely around the world using cushions etc.

18. Traditional Japanese TableWear

Japanese porcelain is famous for its first-class quality and sturdiness. These wares are pure water-proof making them the best choice to use over a table.

The design is perfect for a complete Japanese dining experience, and it would be great for serving food over it.

It is better if the food is also somewhat similar to Japanese dishes such as soup, rice making your creations look better just like the taste.

Also, the design would be a great choice if used for your home decor as well.

17. Kokeshi Doll Origami Paper

These dolls are Japanese originals and have been crafted for more than 150 years now in Japan.

These toys are purely handmade of wood along with some painted articles.

They are one of the creative works of origami artists and paper manufacturers.

Moreover, they are most recognized for the lack of their arms and legs.

One pack contains 12 different unique patterns, and all of the papers are printed with similar colors on the reverse side of the article.

16. Japanese Snacks Sampler

You will surely love this one. This will be a perfect gift for a candy lover.

This pack comes with a lot of candies, sour snacks, sweets, and more.

Also, it includes a variety of different 15 unique, flavorful Japanese snacks.

The snacks come in various spicy, sweet, savory, and salty flavors to satisfy your cravings.

15. Key to Kanji

The Key to Kanji: A Visual History of 1100 characters is the best book available for the learner and those interested in Japanese history.

It is a detailed guide that makes it easier to learn the Japanese characters and culture in ancient times. Besides, the writers have also included sample words to best define the readers about the old Japanese language and their culture.

14. Modern Sake Set

This is for those who love to enjoy Japan’s beverages. This set also has an 18 oz dispenser and four cups with a volume of 75 ml.

It is a perfect gift for any sake lover, and it is an excellent addition to your home decor and serving sets.

Besides, it is modern with a modern sense of design. So make this a part of your serving set so you can share cups of different juices and other beverages with your friends and family. 

13. Yukata

A Yukata is loungewear specially made for women’s nightwear and casual dressing.

It is a lightweight dress designed according to Japanese culture and traditions. 

This is actually a hand-crafted suit, and it’s a representation of the Kimono company, which is recognized for specializing in fabrics such as silk and charmeuse. 

They use botanical prints to manufacture kimonos for women using a paintbrush in traditional Japanese style, saturated with rich watercolors.

The robe features an original pattern and is a pure product made by hand.

12. Japanese Brew Coffee Maker

This classic design siphon coffee maker is an elegant addition to our kitchen accessories.

You can assure yourself that along with a smart touch of design, you’re going to get a delicious coffee as well.

This professional coffee maker can be at our homes if we want to experience the most blissful coffee experience of our lives.

With a lovely touch of Japanese style design, this coffee brand delivers us an expert cup of coffee as well. No doubt, This could be one of the best choices ever made for your kitchen.

11. Tokiado Board Game

Tokaido’s main asset is elegance. In every product, they have never compromised over the elegance and look.

This game is actually based upon the famous road of Japan known as “East Sea Road”. 

In this game we have to travel across the road on the board, collect beautiful items, and in the end, the one who had discovered the most interesting and varied things in the game would be the winner. 

This is a perfect gift for someone who is curious about Japanese culture and board games. It’s a really mind refreshing game with strategic choices in between the game.

10. Studio Ghibli

Some of the famous Japanese Animes are claimed to be the property of Studio Ghibli. Adding to their remarkable Animes.

“When Marnie Was There” might be the last film produced by those Legendary film producers. 

This is one of the classics of Anime which is highly preferred by us to all the Anime lovers. So what to wait for, get your hands on this latest Anime film with an amazing storyline.

9. Japanese Ramen Bowl

This is a stylish bowl with an amazing design relative to Japanese traditions and culture. Get 2 chopsticks along with these modish bowls so you never miss a vibe, and you get the best experience while eating noodles. 

Make sure that you have something stylish to serve your guests. So give your kitchen an amazing addition with these pretty bowls and chopsticks.

8. Japanese Quince Candle

These candles have always been a great choice if you’re in the mood for any candlelight dinner or any other situation.

This quince candlelight is capable of providing us with light and burns for around 60 hours. 

This will surely fill your home with a fresh fruity scent. Technically it is made up of rhubarb and peach, so you can give this to someone obsessed with their culture.

7. Panda Stealing Coin Bank

This is one of the Japanese things we find very cute and useful. Well, you’d surely have to make a cue in front of this cute money bank to save our pennies safely.

Every time we put our coins in the dish and press the button, the cute panda comes out of the box to steal our pennies with a sound. 

This is a great way to develop good habits of saving in adults and kids. Other than that this robotic panda offers a very cute and adorable way of saving our money inside the coin box.

6. Takoyaki Maker

These Takoyaki balls are made up of octopus with heaven inside. They are so cute and representable to your guests, and best of all they are very easy to make.

This handy electric Takoyaki maker is capable of making these balls anywhere, so you can bring it along with you in any kind of picnic or outings as well.

These balls are made up of sweet ingredients and octopus, and so you can also gift anyone obsessed with Japanese culture and their foods.

5. Cherry Blossom Snow Globe

This is an absolutely stunning representation of Japanese springs. It comprises small pink flowers at the bottom, which make it look more pleasing to the eyes.

Over it, we see Cherry blossom trees, and it’s a perfect evocative spring in Japan.

So you shall gift this to someone who is in love with Japanese culture and want to have the feelings of those springs at home.

4. Haku Mizunara Whiskey

This Haku Mizunara whiskey is made up of exceptional, sublime, and flawless extraordinary ingredients from Kyoto Prefecture. 

This Soy sauce is also used in many Asian countries, but this whiskey is more than that. It provides us with the best unique and rich flavor.

So this whiskey is going to give you the best Japanese food experience.

3. Tatami Slippers

These are a perfect choice for a foot-wear inside the home.

They are very comfortable to wear and very cool.

They also have a linen top shoe with moisture-wicking features, so you can wear them on hot summer days as well.

They also deliver us with anti-fatigue soles for a long walk and hardworking feet. They are suitable to wear for any kind of journey and for different occasions such as gym, room, spa, and casual wear.

They are easy to wear and come in different bright colors. Also, they are durable and flexible made up of strong fiber.

2. Noren Doorway Curtain

These Japanese designed curtains are made up of durable linen cloth with nice drapability.

It is a handmade product and very easy to install. It can be used for hanging at different walls such as the doorway divider, curtain or to cover up walls.

It is a stunning piece of art that features a simple line drawing based on the famous Fuji Mountain. It serves as many purposes such as for decorating your home or for privacy.

In addition, we also get a guide for washing this curtain. Moreover, it is made up of thick quality materials so you don’t need to worry about the durability of this product.

These curtains would surely prove to be one of the cutest things you have ordered originally made by Japan.

1. Sushi Socks

These two pairs of Sushi socks are so cute and adorable that you might confuse whether to eat them or wear them. These socks come in different colors with similar patterns.

Composed of 80% cotton, these Japanese-made socks give you a perfect comfort-zone to keep your hard working feet working.

The idea for such sushi socks was first born in the head of some creative people in Japan.

However, these socks are worn and admired on a worldwide scale. These will always be an ideal option for a gift to a closed one and obsessed with Japanese products.

These are made up of high-quality fabric, making them a durable choice to go for.

These are unique pairs of socks, and every couple is folded in such a way that it comprises Japanese culture and delicacy in them.


If you have someone very interested and obsessed with the Japanese culture and traditions, you might choose among the Japanese made products we have mentioned above in our list. They will genuinely love your presents, and it would be a great idea to surprise them with these small gifts on their birthdays.

You could decide for yourself in the variety of range in Japanese markets. Whether you are going to choose a home decorative or a board game, one thing that we can assure you is that you are never going to regret buying them, and they are worth each penny of yours.

We’ve carefully researched and picked out the top 25 things you can give to someone who is Japanese-obsessed. We hope that after reading this, you are going to get your hands on them. Well, you might find some of the items so pretty that you might pick some for your own self as well.

We hope you liked our article—thankyou for reading it till the end. Have a nice day!

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