How to Play Pyramid Solitaire

Solitaire is one of the interesting card games that is played without any opposing player.

This card game is very old, it was popular during the 90s but the popularity still remains the same.

Solitaire was of only one type before which is the klondike one. But now lots of different types of this card game are developed which include Pyramid, Freecell, Spider, and Tri-peaks.

If you are bored with the traditional klondike solitaire version then you need to try a different version of solitaire if you want to switch things up.

That’s the reason we come across to discuss every point related to pyramid solitaire because it’s the easiest to learn and it’s very interesting too. 

Starting off with the first topic that is

Rules of Pyramid Solitaire

Rules of Pyramid Solitaire

Once you start playing Pyramid Solitaire, you would be amazed to know the fact that two types of pyramid solitaire games exist, which happen to be a classic type and a modern type. 

Though the rules exist in both of these types happen to be somewhat the same. 

However, according to the people, they have found the modern type of pyramid solitaire to be easier and more fun to play.

Moving on further, the objective of both types of Pyramid Solitaire is that a player needs to remove all the cards from the pyramid as quickly as possible with less number of moves in order to get higher points. 

Though some purists may argue that the cards including the one you can deal yourself should be removed from the pyramid, we considered it to be a solitaire folly, and thus don’t prefer the players to get into that mess.  

With that being said, the rules of both of the types are being described below to provide you with a better understanding of pyramid solitaire.

Classic Rules:

  • Once a player manages to deal out all the remaining cards present in the stock, all those cards can combine again without shuffling, and can be redealt. However, a player won’t be able to do this procedure again and again as it can only be done three times!  If you want this game to become difficult and interesting for you, then you should try winning this game by using a single deal. 
  • This classic type of Pyramid can be played with the objective of either removing every card that exists in the pyramid or removing every card that exists in the deck.  

Modern Rules:

  • In the modern type of Pyramid solitaire, the main objective of the game is to remove all the cards that are present in the pyramid, but if you want this game to become difficult and challenging for you, then you can give removing all the cards present in the deck a shot.
  • In this type, you can only deal out the cards at the bottom part, only for once. 
  • In order to test the logic and planning skills of the players, this pyramid solitaire type comes in handy with a temporary card store. 
  • A player can deal out one card immediately from the existing pyramid, or a player can take out the card from one of the three cards that were dealt at the bottom area. 
  • Now you would be able to use this card anywhere in the game, however, you should remember the fact that the temporary card store is able to hold one single card at a time.


Pyramid solitaire is the easiest to learn and the main objective of this game is very simple too, all you need to do is remove all the cards from the pyramid, or either from the deck in the quickest possible time if you want to win.

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