Get Schwifty: The Ultimate List of Rick and Morty Merchandise and Gift

Are you also waiting for the next Rick and Morty season just like us?

Well, if you are also a generic fan of Rick and Morty, this article is for you.

In this article, we’ve discussed perfect merchandise goods for Rick and Morty lovers. So without wasting a second, let’s get started.

Rick And Morty Merchandise Gift Reviews:

28. Baby Onesie

Babies are often ignored when we are to talk about most of the good things in life. Well, we have something for them as well. This Rick and Mort graphic is the best T-shirt for babies and newborns.

Many small kids make a whole separate fanbase of Rick and Morty. Thus, this is the best gift brought to you by your favorite cartoon characters.

These cute baby rompers are made up of pure cotton and are exceptionally breathable and durable. So this would surely impress your baby kid.

27. Playing Cards

This custom 52 playing cards deck features the two legendary cartoon characters Rick and Morty’s intergalactic misadventures. They are made up of linen finish, so you don’t need to worry about these cards’ durability.

These are some of the best card games based upon your favorite characters Rick and Morty. You can play as long as you want with having hours of entertainment.

These cards decks are a perfect way which develops learning among the kids, and moreover, it is a very healthy hobby to keep your babies busy with.

26. DoorMat

Everyone would definitely love to be welcomed by this doormat. This Rick and Morty printed mat is undoubtedly a great addition to the Rick and Morty merchandise list.

This doormat is made up of coco fiber with vinyl backing. They have also used neoprene rubber non-slip backing, so there is no chance of injury or disbalance in walking or running on this mat.

This mat will be a great idea if you are to give this as a present to someone. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Thus this is a printed solution for both kids and moms. Also, they don’t hesitate to buy this as it is durable as well.

25. Phone Case

This phone case will give you a full old-school boy vibe, and you are going to surely love this if you are a true fan of Rick and Morty. This is a slim phone case with all the edges wrapped around the phone.

This is direct protection. It is made up of a hardshell case; therefore, you don’t need to worry about your phone’s damage. This phone case gives us both the design and protection together. It is relatively lightweight, and it makes it really attractive to carry around.

This time everyone is going to come to you and ask about the case instead of your phone. In addition, it also provides strong protection against high drops. 

It is precisely made for your phone with all the blank space desired for the charging ports and other buttons, volume, etc.

24. Rick and Enamel Pin

These enamel pins are WUBBA LUBBA DUB DUB! Get your hand on these officially licensed pins featuring our favorite Rick.

Other than that, these pins also now deliver us with a backing of a classic butterfly.

The material used in the making of these pins is iron.

23. Mr. Meeseeks Sleep Set

Well, if you are obsessed with Rick and Morty, then we are sure that you must have watched that Mr. Meeseeeks episode.

Get yourself a comfortable night suit this holiday with perfect stitching, and you will find this one quite durable as well. This outfit is something that simply says, ‘look at me.’

This gives you an exclusive pass to be the best and attractive in your town. 

Most exciting, you can use this costume as a Halloween dress or other Christmas events.

You will find this so cozy that you can bring it on for hours and hours without leaving your comfort zone.

22. Pickle Rick Tee

This is a premium quality T-shirt inspired by pickle Rick. This high-quality, durable T-shirt is spun by cotton for a high-quality soft feel and comfortability.

This is made up of soft material with a high-end finish to any fantastic design.

Moreover, it gives us a perfect fit, so it looks incredible upon us.

This Prickle Rick Tee has a prolonged life and won’t crack or fade its color, so your Tee looks impressive forever.

21. ArtBook

This is a must-have book if you are a loyal follower of Rick and Morty. This features explicit content like never before, featuring our favorites, Rick and Morty.

Based on the cartoon series, it is an animated science fiction book. This is the best book for not only Rick and Morty fans but animation lovers as well.

It makes the reader dive into the many insane universes, so you don’t lose your interest and keep reading till the end. This comic is one of the best additions to the Rick and Morty merchandise.

20. Monopoly

Take a break from all your work and go on a trip around the multi-universe with this Rick and Morty board game.

This is an excellent game for kids, which develops healthy activity for your kids and more, and you would also love it playing it with your friends and family.

This Monopoly board game features collectible tokens, Boxes, custom Flurbo currency, and more!

So what are you waiting for? Come and join Rick and Morty and travel around the insane of the universe, trading with locations, including Cromulon and Planet Squanch.

19. Lunch Tote

Well, this one is something you will simply love. This bag uses Environmental-friendly materials in the making of it. It is best for usage all around the year.

This can be the only way, your kid loves his lunch and finishes all of it. This tote keeps the food warm with the help of the insulating material used in manufacturing.

Thus, it is better than all the ordinary lunch boxes available in the market for your kids.

It would be an ideal idea to use it on occasional trips, Gym, school, and for other purposes.

Moreover, it is durable and easy to clean; you can wash it simply by your hands with no extra care and materials required.

18. Action Figure

This one is for collectors. This action figure of our favorite Rick and Morty stands 3.75 inches tall. It features a window display box as well.

It comes with a POP styled figure and gives you a perfect toy to play with and keep it on showcase.

So just go ahead, and add a great collectible to your display!

17. Ugly Sweater

This is a premium quality sweater made up of highly durable material. These ugly Rick sweaters could be the best gift for your loved ones and even yourself this Christmas.

It is a rare and fantastic find, so buy this before it’s too late. It’s a Long Sleeve T-shirt with a crewneck and a perfect fit on your body.

Well, this could be the perfect choice for your Christmas party this season.

Everyone will surely love this as it is made up of 100% pure cotton, and the finishing, the design is exceptional. The best of the Rick and Morty merchandise is here. Go and get this if you don’t want to regret it later.

16. Stickers Pack

This ton of set includes 50 stickers that originally feature our favorite cartoon characters, Rick and Morty.

These stickers are all brand new made up of high-quality PVC with all kinds of Sun and Water protection.

This will be an amazing choice for your cars, laptops, book, mobile covers, and more.

This will prove to be an excellent gift for your kids or even for yourself as well.

This will be perfect for customizing your devices and more. Moreover, they are effortless to use to remove the film on the back and just let them glow.

15. Umbrella

These umbrellas are full width designed, printed with the high-quality wind, and waterproof. Along with these stylish umbrellas, you can go out on bright days and rainy weather.

Moreover, you can also send them your design to customize your umbrella, but in our preference, this printed design featuring Rick will remain an excellent idea for your umbrella. These are quite handy and portable to take them out. Other than that,

it includes a stretcher made up of rigid metal and metal aluminum Rod, so you have the best option to choose from in the market.

14. Rickall Card Game

It is a co-operative card game featuring many characters of the animated series. It has a precise set of instructions and rules for this game for advanced gameplay with the fullest experience.

It is very easy to learn the game and will be a perfect gift for your kids. This game develops healthy activity among the kids with no ‘table captain’ issues.

Further, it mimics the hilarity and the action for the Rick and Morty episode Total Rickall. So get your hands on these perfect racks of cards for your kids.

13. Key Chain

This is an ultra-cool keychain for your house keys and more. They come with a silver and a keyring finish, and these highly detailed keychains are necessary for all the Rick and Morty fans.

This whole keychain set is entirely made up of metal, and it is an officially licensed product by the movie series.

So just get them added to your Rick and Morty merchandise and take your favorite movie characters along with you wherever you go.

This keychain also comes in a necklace version, and you get the head of the crazy professor in the necklace version.

12. Necklace

No doubt, this series has taught us the endless dimensions of this universe. So this is something you will really love and really admire. It’s an officially licensed product by the series.

This Pickle Rick Necklace is a great addition to this Rick and Morty Merchandise.

This will really help you in reality, to put this on, and show off your geekiness. Also, we get a Loop and hanging cord attached to the top of the necklace.

11. Coloring Book

Well, no one is immortal. Thus just come with us and fill this coloring book and enjoy your life to the fullest. It is made up of high concept patterns and high concept science fiction.

This book is the only coloring book relative to one of the most hit series of the era. In this book, we get all of the series’s favorite characters, i.e., Michael, Mr.meeseeks, plumbuses, and more. 

So everyone is ready for the best science fiction coloring book in the market. Peace among worlds, Rick and Morty fans!

10. Socks

No one likes feeling tired putting on their socks and being sweaty.

However, we have a great solution for you all in this regard. These are Rick and Morty Merchandise’s officially licensed and recognized socks in the market.

Moreover, they have used cotton and polyester in the making of this product. They are really cool to wear and so you are going to love them.

These socks are easy to put on and machine washable as well as with durable materials used. Your feet like being Schwifty too! So get yourself a pair of these socks as well.

9. Wall Art

This will be an amazing addition to the showcase of your room. Everyone entering your room would definitely love this wall art. It is professionally printed art with a unique style and vision to light up the personality of the show.

This wall art will be a great choice if you are also into watching Rick and Morty. This wall art comes in many different designs relating to our favorite professor Rick and his grandson Morty.

It is also an officially licensed addition to the Rick and Morty Merchandise. Also, they deliver us this great piece of art with high-quality packaging.

Further, they have used purely woven polyester in the manufacturing of this wall banner, and further, it also has an aluminum Grommet for simply hanging on your wall.

8. Sauce Mug

Get your hands on this fantastic mug to enjoy your coffee break to the fullest. This Rick and Morty merchandise mug is a fully licensed product.

Moreover, this mug comes in sturdy packaging; your order arrives in perfect condition.

This mug features an image of Rick Sanchez, including a text “Szechuan Dipping Sauce.” This mug is loved and inspired by us; meanwhile, it’s created by the US.

Well, now treat your evenings with some coolness by giving this Rick and Morty mug. It’s easily washable in a dishwasher and could be used to heat liquids inside a microwave oven as well.

7. Mr.Meeseeks Jar Set

This set of jars featuring Mr. Meeseeks shows a variety of moods by the character. It is an absolute eternity by the manufacturers; thus, immediately getting this set and adding a great product to your dining sets would be the best choice this year.

These jars are made up of high-quality ceramic with unique lid hairstyling as well. Every set comprises two jars, and further, every jar is capable of holding 6 ounces inside.

This will be a fantastic gift to any true fan of Rick and Morty, and you may keep that for yourself as well. Best for serving any kind of beverage to a loyal follower and lover of the series.

6. Salt and Pepper Shaker

Ladies and Gentlemen! Introducing the all-new salt and pepper figure set featuring our favorite Rick and Morty. This is an exclusive set, so people, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this premium Rick and Morty merchandise.

This is for all the ages till eight and upwards. Every set stands 5′ inches tall. Further, these sets are made up of original ceramic. And one thing I can assure you is that you can’t have any better way of having your breakfast, lunch, and dinners.

To serve yourself and your loved ones with the best meals, this adds to it with salt and pepper to the table.

5. Water Bottle

Travel through the universe and space with this fantastic water bottle by your side; This is ideal for drinking and storing beverages such as smoothies, iced beverages, and more.

It is made up of high-quality stainless steel and proves to be an excellent insulator of heat, so there is no significant loss of the temperature inside. Thus you can enjoy your iced and cold beverages for an extended period.

Other than that, it could be used for storing hot liquids as well, such as coffee and tea. It uses safe silicone sealing, preventing any sort of leakage from your thermos, and comes in an elementary and smart shape.

You can use this on different occasions and outings to keep getting healthy drinking in life.

4. Pint Glass

This simple modern pint glass is one of the top picks from the Rick and Morty merchandise.

If you are a beer lover and a Rick and Morty fans both at the same time, then, believe me, this pint glass would be a perfect choice for you this Christmas.

This is so pleasing and admiring that even Rick and Morty would wish to drink from this pint glass.

This glass is a perfect gift for you and your loved ones to keep yourselves hydrated while watching the best of the episodes from Rick and Morty.

3. Spaceship Lunch Box

Well, if you are out on a journey with your father exploring different insane in the universe, it definitely doesn’t mean that you are allowed to skip out your lunch.

This lunch box is an ideal way to keep your food hot for an extended period, and your cold food is kept cold with the great insulating feature inside.

It is a silhouette of Rick’s spaceship with exceptional detailing, making it appear as a 3D image.

So enjoy your meals while watching the show with this lunchbox in your hands.

2. Anatomy Park Game

This game is actually a theme park building game with strategic tile-laying used in the making of them. In this modern world of smart technology, this game serves you with relaxing and refreshing your mind.

It is a very healthy activity and is a great way to recharge with your family and friends. Well, let it be a hobby of yours or a family bonding activity; you will never regret buying this game from our merchandise.

This tile-placing strategy game is a competitive one that is set up inside the body of Ruben, the departmental store in Santa. In this board game, you and your fellows are to think and fix all the tiles and internal organs suitable for the best spots.

1. Slippers

So this is the best pair of slippers in our Rick and Morty merchandise list. No one likes leaving their comfort-zone while doing any stuff. However, we have something to please your feet with.

These slippers are perfect for Rick and Morty fans, so you can enjoy your favorite episodes while wearing these slippers on. It features Rick and Morty all over the slippers with different emotions and designs everywhere.

These slippers come with adult rubber grips and are very comfortable and cozy to wear. Hurry in getting these, so you relax your feet in these comfy and manic characters. Moreover, they are an officially licensed product as well.


There are a variety of Rick and Morty merchandise to keep them by your side. If you are in a hunt for the most cool looking and fantastic gifts for any die-hard fan, roger that!

In this guide, we have mentioned some of our top picks in regard to Rick and Morty merchandise. Hope after reading this till the end you are able to decide and get the best gifts for you and your loved ones. Thanks for reading till the end. Have a nice day!

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