25 Adventurous Steampunk Gifts That Will Get Their Gears Turning

Steampunk is one of the most lucrative platforms on the internet till today’s date.

If you know someone that is a member of Steampunk is a huge fan, then it is only sensible to buy them a gift that will get their gears turning. 

This article consists of products that have been included in this list after being chosen by the fellow steampunk members

These steampunk gifts will be deeply appreciated by those who are a fan of the steampunk community. 

This is the list of 25 steampunk gifts That will make a perfect gift for someone that is a fan of steampunk! 

Steampunk Gift Reviews:

Here is the list of the Best 25 steampunk gifts.

1. Human Skull Statue Sci-Fi Clockwork

One of the spookiest steampunk gifts, but this is the right gift when looking to gift something to win over a steampunk fan!

With this sci-fi human skill, win over the person who is a fan of steampunk! 

This is one of the steampunk gifts that will make for a good showpiece and with a steampunk-themed room.

This is the ace in the hole as it will go right with the theme and be a perfect item to be a center of attraction! 

2. Tesla Anlong Watch

Any steampunk fan is a great fan of Nikola Tesla. Indeed, Nikola Tesla was a great man.

When a person goes out to look for steampunk gifts, Nikola Tesla is one of the icons that come to mind!

Nikola Tesla was a genius and made some inventions that changed the lives of people forever! 

This is why this is the best steampunk gift for anyone that is looking for one. 

3. Super Oversized Round Sunglasses

Looking to buy something that looks attractive as well is connected to the steampunk community?

Well, the perfect item just dropped right into your lap! 

These hydrophobic glasses are made from high-quality materials that come off as a great help in protecting eyes from sunlight affecting a person’s eye. 

The use of high-quality materials will ensure that it long last times and this is why it is one of the best steampunk gifts

4. VIVI SKY Pagoda Ingenuity Umbrella Parasol

If you want to give a gift, then why not gift something that can prove useful in their everyday routine? 

When looking for steampunk gifts this Umbrella is the correct choice!

This is a great accessory to everyday life as it can protect a person from sunlight and rain.

This will also be a great addition to the outfits and will be a great addition to the cosplaying outfits!

5. Gothic Waist Bag

Steampunk gifts are one of the most stylish gifts ever. To prove our point, we bring forward you this Gothic Waist bag! 

Suiting the name, this comes off in a dark color and has a vintage look that makes it look very attractive and eyecatching, especially to those who love steampunk!

This bag is very spacious and a great accessory to the outfit! 

6. Steampunk Bible

Unlike it’s name, The Steampunk Bible is a complete guide to the world of steampunk which was illustrated by Victorian Technologies and punk rock attitude.

The first traces of this Bible’s existence were found in the recors of these renowned writers such as H.G. Wells, Mary Shelley, and Jules Verne.

These little traces of books would later lead to the birth of the whole steampunk movement. 

This book has everything there is to know about steampunk, which is why this is one of the best steampunk gifts.

7. Steampunk Transport Pen Collection

When looking for steampunk gifts, you would want to find something that is steampunk-themed, comes in high usage and proves to be useful to the user.

Very much like these ink transport pen collections. 

This pen holder is steampunk-themed and comes with six pens.

This product is made from high-quality materials which makes it a great choice for anyone that is looking to purchase steampunk gifts!

8. Planet Gear Switch Plate

If they are a huge fan of steampunk, they would love to give their house the looks of steampunk.

For this, or for throwing a steampunk-themed party. This one of the right steampunk gifts for steampunk lovers. 

These switchplates are made from plywood and to add the finishing touch there are some brass details added to them.

When applied, these Switchplates go right with the theme and look very attractive.

9. Wrist Cuff

If they like the art of chemistry and are fans of the renowned alchemists, then this is one of the perfect steampunk gifts.

This steampunk gift fits right on the wrist of the person and has some loops with vials that will contain all the potions ready to be used at your disposal. 

Made from faux leather, and given some finishing touch with the inclusion of brass elements, this is the right gift for steampunk lovers.

10. Badass Pressurized Growler

One of the best and cool ways to share a drink with your friends is to own a growler.

When looking for the best steampunk gifts, this is one of the greatest gifts. 

This pressurized growler looks really cool and can containt enough amounts of beer and drinks that can be shared with a person or two!

Crack open a new one with your friends as you have this Cool Pressurized Growler.

11. Zepplin Charms

Steampunk gifts are one of the hardest gifts to find, but if you know what you are looking for, your search might get easy. 

This is one of the gifts that will be appreciated by people that are great fans of DIY tricks and items.

These Charms can be used as connectors to make steampunk-themed jewelry, which is ideal for a person that loves steampunk.

Apart from being used to make necklaces and jewelry, these charms can also be used to decorate costumes, hats, or bags even.

12. Cufflinks Vintage Watch Movement Shape

Cufflinks are one of the most elegant items when looking to buy someone a gift.

These steampunk-themed cufflinks are definitely going to be worth buying as steampunk gifts

These will up the style and make your friend look like a classy, well-dressed gentleman.

The steampunk-themed design makes these cufflinks look aesthetic, which is why these cufflinks can be the best gift they receive this year!

13. Victorian Steampunk Purse

The items that can infuse steampunk in a person’s everyday life is what makes them the best steampunk gifts. 

The use of leather in making of this bag gives it a classy look and makes it durable all while looking attractive as well.

To tell you a bit how stylish this purse is, this purse was hand designed by a steampunk fan which is why this is one of the best steampunk gifts! 

14. Heart Stash Box

Gifting steampunk-themed interiors can be a great choice for winning over a steampunk fan.

What makes these Heart Stash Box one of the great steampunk gifts is the fact that this one of the best interiors. 

Using this item as an interior is likely to make the room look more beautiful and this will be a center of attraction for any steampunk fan. 

15. Women’s Steampunk Leggings Pant

When looking to buy steampunk gifts, consider buying these leggins.

These leggings have a design that will be adored by any steampunk fan.

Steampunk fan or not, these Leggings have a great 3D design which makes them look attractive and can easily be the choice of anyone that is looking to up their fashion game. 

These leggings are an ultimate reference to the Victorian era, which makes it a lovely addition to a steampunk fan’s clothing wardrobe! 

16. Military Shemagh Tactical Desert

Shemagh is a scarf that is worn by people inhabited in the Middle East.

This scarf is a great item to protect against sunlight, dust, wind, and the sun.

As the Victorian area is from a similar surrounding, this makes it one of the best steampunk gifts as it is a reference to the victorian area. 

With this scarf, help them to stay protected against sunlight and dust and wind!

This is one of the stylish options on the list. Made from cotton, it provides good breathability.


If you’re hunting for the best surprise for an Office fan, then what’s can make him happier than having the complete office series as his office gift. 

This can prove to be an overwhelming gift as you’re providing them with a chance to re-enjoy their favorite series and offer them to relive their memories again.  

This Set of The Office series comes with special features like you can pause, rewind, and fast forward according to your personnel preference.

18. 200 Gram Antique Metal

When looking for a gift, you would want to buy something that looks rather unique and beautiful?

Then this is the right option as this clutch bag has fancy looks and is decorated by Peacock Feathers! 

Further to add to its uniqueness, this clutch bag is decorated with hand-painted Steampunk ornaments and has a finish that includes an antique bronze key.

This is one of the best steampunk gifts! 

19. Steampunk Hat for Her

Looking for steampunk gifts for your girlfriend? Don’t worry, as we have got you covered! 

This Steampunk hat for her gives off the Victorian Era looks and is very beautifully decorated with items such as feathers, ornaments such as brass gears, and a must-have pair of Victorian-era goggles.

This hat is the perfect gift for making your girlfriend the center of attraction!  

20. Steampunk Hat for Him

If your friend has a thing for Victorian-era styled things, then this list already has so many steampunk gifts.

But this is the one that doesn’t back down in looking any less beautiful and classic. 

This Victorian-era hat is a perfect gift for your friend as it looks extremely stylish and goes very well with cosplay outfits. Make their day as you gift them this!

21. VIGOROSO Watches

The pocket watch was one of the most trending items in the Victorian era.

With this Steampunk Pocket watch, help your friend bring back the memories of the victorian era! 

This is one of the stylish gift options and looks rather classy and goes right with the theme.

This is why this is the right choice when looking for steampunk gifts!

22. Ambesonne Industrial Duvet Cover Set

Stepping up the design of your room is one of the best ways that you could bring change in your daily lives.

Step up the style of your friend with their beloved steampunk designs as you choose these bedsheets to be your gift to them! 

These bed sheets also come with pillow covers and is indeed an ultimate reference to Steampunk Gifts

23. Skeleton Cameo Handbag Shoulder Bag

Handbags are one of the best ways to carry your valuables. These look very attractive as well as are spacious.

But, here’s the best part: How about a handbag for your friends that is styled by the standards of the Victorian Era? 

This is one of the good looking handbags that are very comfortable to wear. This is why this will make for the best steampunk gifts

24. Leather Garter

For an Alchemy fan that is inspired by the Victorian era, this is a perfect choice.

This leather garter is one of the convenient options for people connected with Alchemy.

This garter can hold a lot of vials which can be used to store potions. 

All in all, when looking for Steampunk Gifts, you would understand why these make for the best steampunk gifts.

25. Eye Decals Gears Gothic Eye Decals

Using these Eye Decals, customize your make up and add some steampunk touch to it! Without a doubt, when looking to buy a steampunk gift.

This is one of the best gifts that you can buy for them. 

These decals will make them give off the true look of a person from the Victorian Era!


These are all the best gifts that we could find for the people that are obsessed with Steampunk.

If you are looking for Steampunk gifts for your friends, hopefully, some of these options might catch your attention. 

In the end, to make it easy for you to choose the correct steampunk gifts, these are the following factors you should look for: 

Thoughtfulness, creativity, and presentation. If a steampunk gift checks all these boxes then congratulations, you have found the right match! 

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