18 Gifts The Office Super Fan Needs In Their Life Right Now

Since “The Office” was a great hit of its time, it managed to pull off a great fan following. Since it’s quite a time since the show was last aired, but still this series is viewed by many people out there. 

By having an extremely adventurous and funny storyline, different companies and manufacturers started to produce certain products.

Which comprise the print of the characters of this series or the name of the series and was highly welcomed by “The Office” fans.

Therefore, it’s hard to choose what surprise you should give to a huge fan of this series. In this regard, a comprehensive list of products is being listed below to help you in making the right choice and select the best office gifts.  

Office Gift Reviews:

1. The Office: The Complete Series

If you’re hunting for the best surprise for an Office fan, then what’s can make him happier than having the complete office series as his office gift. 

This can prove to be an overwhelming gift as you’re providing them with a chance to re-enjoy their favorite series and offer them to relive their memories again.  

This Set of The Office series comes with special features like you can pause, rewind, and fast forward according to your personnel preference.

If you’re running low on your budget and wants to provide a wholesome office gift to your friend, then this product should be included in your viable picklist.  

2. Teapot Keychain in Custom Gift Box

Having a rating of 9 out of 10 by the office fans, this teapot key chain with a customized gift box that carries the famous dialogue of the series,  would serve just right for the Office gift. 

This teapot key chain consists of a stylish ceramic designed to look attractive and eye-catching to every office fan. 

This keychain teapot is textured by keeping in mind the teapot of Jim and Pam’s in the series. 

Being chic and functional, this customized teapot key chain can prove to be a lovely gift for any fan of this hit series. 

3. World’s Best Boss Mug

Being inspired by the famous dialogue, “I’m the boss. I can wear whatever I want,”, this best boss mug can serve as the best office gift you can possibly give to a fan of this series. 

Being built with a strong and durable ceramic construction, this boss mug is microwave friendly and offers you to enjoy your hot liquids in it. 

It’s super easy to clean this mug up via dishwasher, and being sturdy in design, the manufacturers ensure that after an extreme wash too, the print of this mug won’t come off. 

Being easy on one’s budget, this product can serve as an ultimate Office gift for The Office fan.  

4. Alpha Awards Dundie Award Trophy

This Dundee-Style award trophy is designed and structured to provide a realistic look of the character “Dundie” that’s well know as the character of The Office and is popular among The Office fans.  

This trophy is just a copy of the actual award, and it will be tough to differentiate between the two of them. 

Being light in weight this trophy can serve as a good showpiece on one’s shelf. 

Being fairly light in weight, and consisting of a sturdy design, there are high chances that you’re this office gift would be adored and loved by the office fan.  

5. CHICCAT Cotton Linen Throw Pillow Case

These pillows are designed by being inspired by “Dwight K. Schrute” who’s was the leading character in the series “The Office”. 

Being textured with high-quality material, this pillowcase front side is made up of 100 percent cotton, and the backside consist of a mixture of polyester and cotton, to provide users with realistic and efficient results. 

This pillowcase comes in a wide range of colors to choose from and can serve as one of the best office gifts you can possibly give.  

6. The Office Quote Mash-up Funny T-Shirt

As the people who love the Classic TV show “The Office” they don’t particularly love the storyline of that series, but they also love the character’s in it. 

This shirt comprises of the best quotes that have been on the air in the series and have been printed accordingly that this shirt lets you stand out from the crowd.

Being soft and comfortable to wear, this shirt can serve as a good office gift you can possibly give.  

7. Dwight Schrute Funny Quote Poster

If you’re thinking about something that can hang in the room of the fan of the series “The Office”, this office gift can possibly the one that you were looking for. 

Coming perfectly in the frame, this poster will look really classy on the office fan’s wall. Being designed with high quality, this can serve as a good office gift you can possibly give. 

8. The Office US TV Show Poster

Featuring the plan of the very famous “Dunder Mifflin Scranton office”, this poster comes with a wide set of measurement of about 345 cm by 485 cm and can be one ultimate office gift you can provide to The Office fan. 

These poster stock signs are is printed on high-quality paper, and are attractive enough to look great on the wall or either a fan’s home or workplace.

This poster is really loved by the fans out there and has a positive high rating of 9 out of 10, hence this office gift is highly recommended. 

9. Nakina The Office Sign Self-Adhesive Sign

This plate by Nakimo can prove to be an acute and handy office gift for the fans of “The Office” series.

This plate is textured by getting inspired by the plate used in the series and can be a great addition to one’s room.  

This plate comes in a wide range of colors and sizes, so you can customize this plate according to your personnel preference.

Being adhesive, this plate can be one of the best office gifts you can possibly give.

10. Serenity By Jan Scented Candle

This Candle was manufactured by being inspired by Jan Levinson, one of the well-known characters from the series “The Office”. 

These scented candle features a great fragrance and smells just like fresh linen and is known best to make people relax from returning back from a stressful and hectic day. 

The scent this candle carries is best know to improve one’s focus and can provide mental peace and stability.

So just being a super classy office gift, this candle can be used for other purposes as well, and hence proves to be an essential gift for The Office fans.  

11. Michael Scott Motivational Quote Poster

AS everybody knows that Michale Scott is not considered to be the most popular character in the series “The Office”, but it was due to the character he was playing in the series.

But in reality, this character has a lot of fame and has a huge fan following.

The reason why people love this man was that besides being all stupid and quirky, he spread the charm by his presence in this series. 

Therefore this Motivational Quote poster was in great demand among the office fans and hence makes it quite a good office gift for any The Office Lover. 

Having a real HD print, this poster is high in quality and can prove to be a great addition to any The Office fan’s wall.  

12. Bears Beets Battlestar Galactica Beer Glass

IF you know anyone who’s highly inspired by the budding office manager of the series “The Office” then this office gift might be greatly loved and adored by him. 

Since this merchandise mug consists of the popular quote “Bears, beets, Battlestar, Galactica” from the very famous “Charlie” of the series.  

Enriched with high-quality print, no matter how extensive you wash this office gift, its print is water-resistant and won’t come off. 

13. Funny Schrute Farms Beets Socks

These cute socks are manufactured and textured by being inspired by the beet farm that is considered to be the focal point of the “The Office” series.

If you know someone that is a huge fan of this series, then this can be the perfect office gift for him.   

Besides being impressive in design, these socks are built from soft cotton fabric and are ultra-comfortable to wear. Being 9 inches long, this sock can easily fit anybody. 

Coming in an affordable price range, if you’re running low on your budget, this office gift can be your pick.

These socks are the best office gift, for someone who might add some humor to his closet. 

14. The Office Clue Edition

All true fan of The Office series will not take more than a second to realize that this board game is the replica of the original board game that was used in the series “The Office”. 

This board game is known best for someone who works in an office and wants to utilize his time just like the characters of “The Office”.  

As these Office clues are based upon the ones in the series, so the greater the office fan, the quicker he’ll be able to solve it.

Enabling to fight with frustration in your workplace, this can be the perfect office gift you’ve been looking for,

15. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

A true “The office” fan should be well aware of who Mindy Kaling is. For those who don’t know, Mindy Kaling is one of the popular actress and comedian that’s well known for her acting in the series “The Office”.  

The reason this book managed to be a part of our best office gifts is that this book is written by Mindy Kaling, and comprises of her thought and her opinion that she was going through while shooting for this series.

Apart from that, this book also has “behind the scenes” of the series. So what’s more best than reading “behind the scenes” of the series you’re passionate about? 

Being light and funny, you can take this book anywhere with you as this book ensures to light up your mood with its funny script. Coming is an affordable budget, this can be one of the viable office gifts. 

16The Office Funko Pop Figures

What’s can be the more best office gift than giving Michael Scott cartoon figure in hand.

This cartoon figure can be a perfect addition to someone’s desk and can be used as a showpiece of decoration pieces. 

If the person you’re giving this gift to isn’t in love with Michael Scott, then you can choose any other character’s funky as well. 

17. Green Ceramic Teapot 

If you’re hunting for a gift for the person you loved the most, then you should give them this Ceramic Green teapot as a token of your love, just like Jim gave it to Pam on Christmas in season 2 of “The Office”. 

As being an office fan, this green ceramic teapot will have immense importance for an office fan and will be truly loved and adored by him.

While giving this as an office gift, don’t forget to fill this teapot with bonus gifts.  

18. Some Dunder Mifflin Apparel

Every true fan of the series “The Office” needs something to show off while going to work or doing daily household chores.

Being made with high-quality material, this apparel can be the best office gift you can ever give to someone. Consisting of cotton fabric, this apparel can be worn to work every day.

This dunder Mifflin shirt comes in a variety of sizes and colors, this apparel is ultra-comfortable and soft to wear and hence would be a great addition to one’s closet. 


Picking up the best gift, that’s can be used in a long run and provides ultimate durability can be difficult to find. Hence this list is picked up specially that cost-effective and can be bought within a budget. So by reviewing the list above, you will be able to choose your viable pick and can surprise a “The Office” fan with ease. 

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