10 Movie-Themed Board Games Any Film Fan Will Love

Board games have become trendy again in recent years.

This is partly because as we move ever forward into the digital age, people are yearning for ways to socialize in person, and a board game can be a great solution.

However, it’s also because the games themselves are becoming more interesting — in party by embracing pop culture themes that cater to specific fan bases.

This is basically a strategy the gaming companies use to update classics and make them all the more appealing to one audience or another.

Some of the most prominent examples concern popular TV shows.

For instance, you can find a number of board games that have embraced material from programs like “The Simpsons” or “Game Of Thrones,” and we even highlighted The Office” Clue Edition in a past article on gifts for fans of the beloved NBC comedy!

Products like these make for excellent gifts for the TV lovers in your life.

Beyond TV examples, however — which admittedly soak up a lot of the attention — there are also some awesome movie-themed board games out there.

So if you have some film fanatics on your gift list, we recommend taking a look at some of the following.

1. Trivial Pursuit Star Wars Classic Trilogy

It’s basically a given that any popular board game that lends itself to themes will have a “Star Wars” edition.

So, as you might imagine, you can find versions of the likes of Monopoly, Risk, Trouble, and more that make use of the beloved franchise.

But Trivial Pursuit is not quite as commonly associated with pop culture themes, so we’ve decided to highlight this one in particular.

Trivial Pursuit Star Wars Classic Trilogy is a version of the trivia-based board game that features more than 2,000 questions about the original “Star Wars” trilogy alone.

It’s an incredibly fun challenge for any fan of the films.

2. Star Trek CATAN

Sticking with enormously popular outer space dramas, “Star Trek” has also made its way into seemingly countless board games.

The most interesting of the bunch may ultimately be Star Trek CATAN however, in part because CATAN itself is so highly regarded in the board gaming community.

A 2019 piece at Geek Gear Galore speculated that it may be the best board game of all time, and it’s not alone; many would argue also that it’s the most influential game of its kind.

So naturally, there’s just something powerful and satisfying about pairing it with material from something as important as “Star Trek.”

The two are a perfect match, and the “Star Trek” theme enhances the game, rather than detracting from what makes CATAN great on its own.

3. Star Wars Chess Game

Okay, one more Star Wars example. This chess set by Hasbro Gaming is just a ton of fun.

It’s standard chess in which pieces have been replaced by “Star Wars” figurines, and while that’s about all there is to it, the figurines are incredibly well made.

They’re clear, attractive, and exciting, with some even designed such that they look like they’re in action.

Once a few pieces are scattered about the board, the board resembles an active battle.

4. James Bond Monopoly

Brace yourself for a few Monopoly examples on this list.

It’s probably the most well-known board game in existence, and it also happens to be one that lends itself very naturally to themes and licensed material.

Accordingly, there are actually a ton of great movie-themed Monopoly games to consider.

The one we’re noting first is the James Bond edition, however.

Based on the full franchise (rather than a specific film), this is a delightful game that replaces properties with films, railroads with Bond cars, and Community Chest and Chance cards with famous Bond women and villains.

The game pieces aren’t quite as creative as you’d like to see, but it’s still a great game.

5. Clue Harry Potter

The clue is another classic board game that lends itself well to themes (such as the aforementioned version based on “The Office”).

And perhaps inevitably, one of the most satisfying editions is the game based on the Harry Potter series.

The board contains known locations from Hogwarts (and looks not unlike the Marauder’s Map, probably intentionally).

Villains are suspects and heroes are playable.

And not one bit of the charm of the core game of Clue is sacrificed.

The Harry Potter theme legitimately enhances it, in fact.

6. Pulp Fiction Guess Who

This is kind of a special example because it’s not actually a commercial product.

Rather, it’s a creation by a UK artist that was highlighted by HuffPost (as well as other outlets), and which fans of the cult classic “Pulp Fiction” went wild for.

Basically, the artist replaced the character images in the popular guessing game with likenesses of characters from the film, resulting in a charming homage.

The homage is all the more fitting, too, because we happen to know that “Pulp Fiction” mastermind Quentin Tarantino is himself a fan of board games.

The director was included in a recent Poker.org list of interesting movie star side hobbies, wherein it was revealed that he actually collects these games.

He may have a hard time getting his hands on Pulp Fiction Guess Who given that, again, it’s not a commercial product.

Then again, the game as presented is easy enough to replicate for those interested in doing so.

7. Clue: Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas

Getting back to Clue, this is another version of the game that’s just pure fun for fans.

For those who love the twisted fantasies of Tim Burton, or who have a special affinity for “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” playing this game makes for an engaging trip down memory lane.

It’s also the perfect content for Clue: creepy enough to mesh with a murder-mystery concept, but playful enough to keep a fun board-gaming spirit alive.

8. Back To The Future Monopoly

If you’re a fan of beloved sci-fi franchises but you want to branch out beyond the endless Star Wars and Star Trek options, the Monopoly game based on “Back To The Future” might be for you.

It’s a classic-themed Monopoly board and one that almost seems more connected to the source material than some others.

“Back To The Future” is just a bit more limited in scope than, say, Star Wars Monopoly, which means the board almost constitutes a deeper dive into the material.

9. Black Panther Monopoly

This is a particularly special example of a themed Monopoly game, because so many of those games focus on entire franchises.

Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the aforementioned James Bond, and more all have their own Monopoly boards.

But this one is based specifically on the smash hit Black Panther, and wonderfully captures the vibe of the film through each tiny detail.

Plus, this one is all the more relevant given that a sequel is coming out soon!

DigitalSpy.com has “Black Panther:

Wakanda Forever” filming in 2021 for a 2022 release date, which means we’ll all be back in this wonderful, exciting world before long.

What better time for a fan to enjoy this game?

10. Disney Parks Exclusive Pirates Of The Caribbean Battleship Game

Strictly speaking, this game is based on the Pirates Of The Caribbean ride at Disney World.

But since the film series stems from the same ride, we figure it counts!

Regardless, this is a unique game to round out our list with.

It injects the classic Battleship gameplay into an adventurous Caribbean region drawn like a tattered old map and populated by pirate ships and naval vessels rather than modern warships.

It’s arguably better than the original Battleship even if you aren’t a fan of Disney’s pirate lore.


There are a lot of themed board games out there, and many didn’t even make this list.

But as you can see, this is a very fun option the next time you need a special gift for a film fanatic in your life.

No matter what films or games this person may gravitate toward, chances are there’s a product out there that brings the interests together.

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