20 Traditional 5th Anniversary Wood Gifts for Him & Her

Marriage is one of the most special things about life.

It’s a joyous bond that allows two people to embark on the journey of life together and to be there for each other in good times or bad times.

If you have been together five years, then you’d know that it’s bliss.

To celebrate that bliss, you might be looking for a gift.

With a gift, you will be able to cherish all the memories you have made with your partner up till now and you might be further looking to make.

Nevertheless, here are the 20 traditional wood gifts that you can buy for your spouse and make your day a memorable one. 

Best Wood Gifts Review:

1. Walnut Personalized cutting board Wood Anniversary Gifts or Wedding Gift

If you are looking for wood gifts that can last a long time just like your union, then this is a perfect choice.

This cutting board comes with a customized engraving that will mark the special wedding day.

Made from maple and walnut wood and oiled with a food-safe oil for retaining the nutrients of the food, this is a great choice! 

2. Walnut Jewelry Holder

What better gift could there be than something that is very considerate?

This Walnut jewelry holder makes for some of the best wood gifts that you can buy.

Using these Walnut Jewelry Holders, you can hold precious wedding bands.

Made from Copper and walnut, this is one of the unique options for a gift.

3. Drink Coasters

If you are looking for something that is going to change your lifestyle, then this is a good choice!

These Drink Coasters come with five different designs that you can choose from.

This Drink coaster can be customized and is made from high-quality bamboo.

This is a great choice for protecting furniture. 

4. You and Me Ornaments 

If you are looking to commemorate your fifth anniversary, then you need to look for the best wood gifts only.

These ornaments are a great choice if you are looking to express your love to someone.

These ornaments attach and give a meaningful image. 

5. Wine Caddy

Wine is essential for kickstarting the parties!

With this Wine Caddy, you will be able to carry your favorite wine bottles anywhere with 4 glasses!

This wine caddy features a portable design and you can take these out for a spin on any special event.

6. Cityscape Wall Art

Wall art is one of the best ways to add attraction and style to your house.

When it comes to choosing wood gifts, this wall art is a great gift choice!

This Wall art adds style to your house and the wall it is hung upon.

With this New York City Wall Art, renovate your wall and make them give it a new look!

7. Docking Station

If you are looking to buy some of the best wood gifts, then this is the right choice.

This docking station is an all charging station that has a place for holding all the valuables of a person.

This docking station is a great choice if you are looking to keep your office desk, bedroom, or kitchen organized.

8. Bamboo Bath Tray

When you are looking to buy someone a gift, make sure that you buy something that adds to their relaxation.

When looking for the best wood gifts, this is the right choice! This bath tray features a rather unique design.

This bath tray can also be adjusted which ensures that this bath tray is inclined to add to the user’s comfort. 

9. Monogram Decanter Set

This is not a wood gift per se, but since it comes in a wooden box, this can be a good choice.

This is an attractive monogram wood box that carries a set of glasses.

This set comes with rock glasses that have the same engraving as the decanter.

If you like to have some shots, then this is a great gift choice! 

10. Love Story Home Decor

If you are the one to express your love and make big gestures, then this is one of the best wood gifts for your spouse.

This home decor is an attractive one and allows the person giving the gift be able to express love and affection openly.

This is a charming wooden plaque and makes for a thoughtful gift. 

11. Wooden Watch

When it comes to looking for unique wood gifts, this one hits right at the spot.

This watch has been crafted from wood and is made from Ancient Asian sustainable wood and pure quality leather.

The wood that goes into making this watch includes woods such as teak, ebony, maple, and bamboo.

Considering all the materials that go into making this wooden watch, this is one of the best and the most reliable options on the list! 

12. Personalized Connect Four Game

On this wedding anniversary, give your spouse something that is going to make you come together as a couple.

This is a fun challenging game that will give your spouse some fun competition with this connect four-game.

The manufacturer is proud of their beautiful, and high-quality activity made from the best materials.

This game is very lightweight, so moving it from one place to another is not going to be an issue either! 

13. Picnic Basket

Looking to go outdoors for a picnic anytime soon?

Then let us present you this wood gift that is going to take your spouse by a surprise.

This is one of the best wood gifts as it features an attractive design and comes with ample space to keep the food safe for two people.

You can include all dining essentials and a waterproof blanket without any hesitation. 

14. Bonsai Tree

Bonsai trees are one of the best additions to someone’s room decor.

Make your room look more beautiful with the addition of this bonsai tree as you select one of the best wood gifts.

This Bonsai tree is a great option for anyone with any kind of experience.

The seed batches of this bonsai tree have been tested and the rates exceed 90%.

15. Wood Sunglasses

Clothes are one of the best gifts that you can give to someone.

After all, who doesn’t love new dresses and clothes?

This is one of the most beautiful kimonos that will make your sister in law feel all comfy whenever she wears this.

This makes for a perfect gift as it adds a touch of elegance and adds to comfort. 

16. Serving Board

Regardless of what you want to serve, this serving board does it all.

This Serving board is a special serving board that is bound to give any social gathering a touch of elegance.

This is a great choice for someone that is looking to host a party anytime shortly.

This serving board will line up exactly with the theme of the party and will prove to be a good choice for any entertainer! 

17. Jewelry Box

Handcrafted gifts make for some of the best gifts in the world.

This handcrafted solid wood box features a unique and rare look and features very beautiful artwork.

The quality of the materials used to make this jewelry box is also very good.

One more reason that is a good wood gift is the fact that it has been made from renewable resources, hence making this product eco-friendly.

18. Willow Tree You and Me Figure

You’ve probably heard about gestures and making moves first.

This, “You and me” figure, represent your emotions to your loved one or mark a special memory with them.

These figures will express love, attachment, hope, and other emotions of a good life.

This Willow tree figure is one of the best wooden gifts as it is a sign of showing love and care.

19. Wine Tumblers

When looking for a gift, you should consider something that is durable.

When it comes to some of the most durable wood gifts, this one takes the win.

The wine tumblers are made from steel inside and the outer part is made from wood.

These wind tumblers are bound to bring some style to your lifestyle!

Not only this, they are made in such a way that they are going to last a good long time! 

20. Family Tree Photo Frame

Photos are something that must be cherished forever.

They bring back memories, even when the people are far away.

With this unique puzzle-inspired picture frame, keep your family and your loved ones close to you!

This is a pretty big photo frame which will prove more than enough for you to store the photo of everyone you wanted to place in the frame.


We hope you found the best wood gift for your loved ones and we hope you have a great fifth anniversary!

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